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Product stack

Hi guys,

First, my dilemma is budget and I try to get the most from my supplement money. My training is organized on a 8 Weeks on - 1 Week off cycle. I use ZMA every day. I use Tribex from week 1 to 4, plan to begin using Methoxy 7 in Weeks 5 & 6, and I use “M” in Weeks 5 to 8. I only use ZMA during my rest week. I thereafter re-start the same cycle. My question is about Methoxy 7: because of my budget, I can only afford a couple of bottles per month max. Can I expect to see any effects over the course of say three months if I use it as mentioned above or should I just drop it altogether? I’m asking because it is suggested to use at least 2 months straight to see effects and I cannot afford that. Thanks for your feedback.

If you aren’t taking any prohormones/AAS then I don’t see any resson to take the M. That should give you a little extra flow, plus I wouldn’t bother breaking up my methoxy like you mentioned. Just do the methoxy for however long the money you would have spent on tribex and M would have gotten you. You’ll see the best results that way. Then when you need a financial break switch to tribex or just ZMA.

hey wideguy, is that methoxy pretty good stuff?

Methoxy is awesome! I would suggest the same as wideguy though, M is a good product anytime but primarily after a cycle of something like Mag10 or an AAS, and I would defenitely put money toward Tribex, Methoxy, Mag10, or especially Surge before I picked up the M. If you’re a first time Methoxy user take the minimum dose for a week or so then up it, I love the stuff. I am constantly on Tribex with Methoxy and only stop using them when I’m doing a Mag10 cycle.