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Product Ideas

If you could develop a new training product that would be applicable to athletes what would it be and why?

I’m trying to come up with something for of my classes that I have to develop a new product for a term paper. See the thread entitled “Resarch on GHR” in the T/N forum for more information.

I would develop a Power Wheels for us bigger individuals. Imagine being able to rumble from the olympic platforms to the power rack to where ever else in the gym after a brutal session of deadlifts/squats/etc. Not only would you be more mobile (not to mention out of the way, as you would not be sprawled across the gym floor) but you would be the stylish envy of all. Just like the traditional kids sized powerwheels, they could be produced with different themes, eg police car, mil. jeep, sports car, etc. Imagine, rather than collapsing half way to the hot chick who was checking you out while you were doing squats, you could just casually roll up beside her… she’d be yours, chicks love the wheels.

Power Wheels for Power Athletes–
“Go Go Power Wheels… Power Wheels… Power Wheels!”