Product Discernment

Diclaimer: An attempt to save one’s own butt. (Dogma)
Though I mention the name GNC, this writer is a member of the contingency stated to disapprove the quality of GNC products.


I am asking about another product sold at GNC, BSN True Mass.
As it stands the big tub of that stuff is $32 on sale and after the Gold Card it will be down to $25.60. Even at its low price (as compared to its original overprice) is that a fair deal for that product? I’m a 6’10", 280 pound hooper that would intend to reduce the serving size and use as a PWO. Is my logic regarding the use of the product and product price screwy? Thanks for your time.

pwo- tends to mean POST WORKOUT.

no-xplode is just caffiene and no2. both are relatively useless, except the caffiene as a stimulant. to us. no-xplode is a scam. It’s been proven many times that it’s just an illusion. There was a thread on about a study that proved it inneffective.

I must not have read the labels correctly. I thought True Mass was more protein and carbs, not NO. Oh well.

True mass is protein and carbs, last time I checked. I have no idea what the other poster was talking about.