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Product and Cycle Advice Please!!

I was thinking of doing another cycle and I recently found a load of products which are available. It’s kind of overwhelming, we used to have about 5 choices the last time I used. I’m looking for a mild cycle to prep me for a vacation in about 10 weeks. Currently I’m 6 feet 195lbs. at about 9% BF. I’m hoping to add maybe 10 - 12 lbs and keep most of it. I have not used for 3 years. In the past I’ve had good results from cycles with around 300 mg / week of deca, winny, sustanon, etc. I’ve never used more than 500 mg for 2 weeks. When I did I wound up with gyno (from only 4 sustanon!) this is why you’ll notice the lack of test.

I’m thinking of using some Denkall Deca for about 4 weeks (5 cc), front loaded at 400mg tapering to 200mg and 5 weeks of PV StanaFina (75mg Stana and 75mg Fina), - 15 cc total , and a with a 2- 3 week overlap in the middle and maybe 2 weeks of Clomid at the end. Any feedback would be really appreciated… I also could have PV Equipoise & Masteron, Power Caps Anavar, British Dragon Oral winstrol 50 mg available.

Deca- one injection lasts in you system for 45 days - this means it takes a long time for blood levels to build to be effective, and takes a long time to drop which is not good for PCT

Your StanFina Suspension - consists of winstrol and trenbolone base. Therefore it needs to be injected for sure everyday to be effective. 15 cc is not going to go very far.

All in all I think you should go back to the drawing board on this one bro.

Thanks for the advice. The principle I was operating on was that I could use the deca first and cut it early to allow clearance in plenty of time before using the Clomid and getting back on track. In the past, I used Zambon Winstrol at 150 mg / week working up to 300 mg / week (inj every other day) and my gains were reasonable and solid. I was thinking something along the lines of 1 cc every other day with the StanaFina which would be 450 mg / week. I’ve got 30 cc of the StanaFina, 10 cc of the deca, and a handfull of Clomid… How would you run these products if you were me? I should also add that I’ve been clean for at least 3 years now… Any specific advice would be appreciated.

I wouldn’t use the deca If I were you, on such a short cycle. Nandrolone phenylpropinate would be a better choice, however, even test prop/ enanthate would probably be better in this cycle. The problem with your stanfina is not the winstrol, it is the tren, which is just a base without an ester. Blood levels will not be steady. I think you will make gains off this cycle, but in the interest of a fast recovery, ditch the deca, and get something else in its place. Using just oral winstrol, and Tren Acetate would be a much better choice, but from the sounds of it, you have already picked up your gear.

Yep, I’ve already got the gear. If you can suggest a way for me to use the stuff I’ve got that would be great. 10 cc Deca, 30 cc Winny / Tren. Next time I will do a little more research; As I’ve said, with all of the new choices available, it is a little overwhelming! Thanks again.

I am going to say that you should do your deca all within the first 3 weeks.
Do your stan fina at 2/3 a shot per day for 40 days. This is the best I can think of with the interest of successful pct in mind.