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Product Alternatives in Europe?


I have been a loyal Biotest customer even after moving to Ireland (been here a while now). I've never been disappointed by the quality of the products and I always buy in bulk to cut down on shipping costs, but man its still really expensive (shipping, that is). I am looking for ways to cut down costs a bit, so I wanted to check to see if anyone had some recommendations for quality supplement companies over here in Europe.

My main supps from Biotest include: Superfood, Flameout, FA3, and protien powders such as MD and Grow!. I also recently tried out Surge Recovery and have been happy with that too. I love to try to find more local replacements for these supps, but without losing quality.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



what about this one: http://www.Biotest.co.uk/


That actually works out more expensive then ordering directly, I think.



yeah, saw that one. After some number crunching it worked out to a lot more than a bulk order from the states plus shipping.