Producing Consistent Results

[quote]NZ RABBIT wrote:
Any particular reason why you’re building for a ‘recovery’. Always thought the best time would be post-competing?

This is a long-arse time frame i am talking here… so i am just settling into the 4on, 2off for a while (read: the rest of the year) and enjoying/manipulating results from there.
Plen-ty of time here! :slight_smile:

I am - as most are - a work in progress… this shit takes ages man! :wink:

How is your Drol Brook? No adverse reactions so far?
Did you notice your muscle bellies filling out? like your avatar here.

lol! Yeah… just like Phil… :wink:

Seriously though - fucking excellent. I added some Stan at 50mg/day for 2 days but it made be feel like the Dbol does… lethargic, tired, no motivation… 2 days after dropping it, i was back up on top again. weird.

But i am just fucking glad i have at least one methylated aromatising oral i can use still - they are fun drugs.

Bad news - as to be expected - caloric intake just isnt where it needs to be to get big. I am using a little G6 just 300iu once a day to supplement diet, but it isn’t enough for all out mass.

I will run this cycle and next time i do, i will be sure to use G6 with Drol when i want size. It didn’t occur to me as i ran it with Boldenone last time so i guess it must have made it less apparent (mostly for night-time feedings though IIRC, which aren’t ideal for me).

Strength is up up up. By the second day most of my lifts had gone up by 5kg, 3-4 reps AND with increased form! That continued for the next few days and i am still getting a little stronger too. Nothing makes me strong like aromatising orals. Nowt man!


That shit if hawt mate, watch out for injuries. I found B-12 gave me a nice boost in appetite.

If I was to apply the above to my next cycle I was wondering what I could use that could compare to test/tren?

I fucking love tren. I get all the good stuff and absolutely none of the ‘bad’.

Recently run it at 700mg/w for the two weeks the test was leaving my system with zero sides.

Goal is more muscle, less fat with an emphasis on more muscle.

Consequently, would you recommend another stint high tren/low test as the results would better any other combination for my goals?

Long ‘cycles’: Insulin for SHBG.