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I really need help breaking my habit of procrastination. I've been a bad procrastinator my entire life with just about everything I do.

Recently I really messed up a project that I was helping with by not getting something done over the summer. This hasn't happened to me before, things are always finished...except this time obviously. It didn't just affect me, but the rest of the group I'm working with. So it's a big wake up call.

Even writing this I know that it's all on me to break this. But I didn't know if someone had some advice, maybe an example of how they managed to stop procrastinating.



Bob Newhart got it right...


I'll repsond to this later.


I don't have a solution to this, as I also have problems with procrastination. But I have found that after I quit smoking MJ (recently), I have begun regaining my ability to stay on top of things.

Do you have something that you find yourself spending a lot of time on? Maybe it's a hobby of some sort or just something that you do for fun. What were you doing over the summer that caused you to completely forget/avoid your project?


If you procrastinate it is usually because you lack motivation in what you're doing. I don't know, try to remind yourself how whatever you're doing is important, or anything like that.


If you can't muster the will power to buckle down and do shit, consider Adderall. You'll do all your work and you'll like it.

Also, this doesn't work for most people, but for me, weed makes me super productive and better at multitasking.


So you want to stop procrastinating but your on a website complaining about not getting stuff done instead of doing something about it?????


I dont know. I dont like the idea of relying on consummation of a certain drug or thing to do something of your life.


I still procrastinate quite a bit, but I have been getting a lot done. Some days I'm not motivated and just go to work, lift, eat, and go to class, then am pretty burned out afterwards. I usually just end up sitting on the internet or getting worked up into a rage and cursing all the assholes in the world.

I started carrying around a little composition book w/ a pen that telescopes up inside itself. I write down all the shit I need to get accomplished and draw a little box next to it. It usually happens that I'll get some free time or pull myself together enough to get something done, then I just open up the notepad and go down the list.

It helps me quite a bit.


cool stuff. I might do that


Question- I have pretty good hook ups for all most any drug( Marijuana, MDMA, Acid etc.) But i'm pretty sure I would have a hell of a hard time finding Adderall. One thing is that I don't go to school right now and i'm assuming this is where it would be easiest to find? Just curious as to how adderall gets around? Do people get prescriptions and just re-sell? I know nothing of the prescription drug scene and i'm just kinda curious. Thanks.


I was going to reply to this thread earlier, but.....


Here's an idea get clean for a month minimum. See how you feel, weed made me procrastinate a lot. I was productive, just not in the things I should have been doing. Start small, goal wise and see how you do. Put sticky notes on your bathroom mirror so you can see them in the mirror every morning. Don't cop out and get drugs to help because you will become dependent. Another thing I noticed about procrastinators, they think about all the bad shit instead of focusing on the good. For example, if I get up early for the next month and walk 2 miles everyday; pros-lose weight,get in shape, become healthy, feel better and live longer look better; cons-I cant get drunk every night, I can't sleep in, it will be "hard", I have to sweat blah blah blah. see what I mean. the pros are def better. I have a friend similar to you, I asked him last week to go to a music festival; lots of girls and good music. you know what his first response was? "what if it rains" I told him dude its a 50/50 chance and even if it does we go to a inside bar where the girls will be packed like cattle, so get your ass off the couch. become positive!


I honestly wouldn't know. It's easy for me since I'm in school, but I don't take it often. Also, there's a time-release Adderall pill, but it has another name, and it is far superior. No Adderall hangover. If you have a college campus near you, just go there and ask a few people. It's not really taboo at all.


sack up and get your shit done. done.




It's called Adderall XR. Although this brand is superior, it is usually much more expensive. Luckily, Adderall is one of the more common prescription drugs readily available. Start at about 20-30 milligrams your first time, and see how you feel. Adjust accordingly. You can usually find 20 mg for about 1-2 dollars.


I used to be like this, until I started making a habit out of simple things like being 15 minutes early for the job/class/parties/etc, not sleeping in, keeping my calendar up to date, and organizing busy days on a mini-whiteboard. Started small and soon developed a good habit.

Soon after you'll realize that there's actually more free time, less stress, and just a general feeling of happiness. But it's crucial that you make it a habit. I can't remember where this was from, but in general you need to do something for 30 days straight to make it a habit. Maybe that would be a good starting point, 30 days of no laziness and procrastination. Hope that helps.

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Don't break the chain, by Jerry Seinfeld. http://lifehacker.com/281626/jerry-seinfelds-productivity-secret


once i stopped, uhmm self indulgence... my motivation went way up. takes a bit of time but it works.