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Procrastination: Anyone Else?


I think I have some sort of mental disorder stemming from self-hatred. I've been this way my entire life, every time something needs to be done I wait untill the last second. Right now I am supposed to be studying for my Bio 101 Midterm (College). It is in about 7 hours, I knew I needed to study for this midterm weeks ago.

So like usual I put it off as long as humanly possible. I told myself I'd study yesterday, instead I went to the gym then watched football and anime all day. I always end up pulling it off and getting good grades on whatever it is I'm supposed to get done, but with so much unneccesary stress involved.

I'm not even sure if I work good under pressure, because I have never let myself do something normally. Gotta meet someone somewhere? Rush my ass off and show up 5 minutes late. Need a paper done? Do it during lunch right before class and still manage to pull a 90+ on it.

Maybe I'm addicted to stress and I like putting ymself through this shit subconsciously, that is the only explaination I can come up with. My cortisol levels must be through the roof, probably explains why the last time I was under 25% BF I was in the womb...

The sad part is I'm not even busy, I'll spend hours upon hours doing shit that doesn't benefit me in any way, then I'll try and multitask in other places (reading on the bus/train, while walking) when it isn't even neccesary if I wasn't this fucked up in the head. There could be a time bomb infront of me right now and I would spend the next few hours reading this board, creating my own philosophy on life, and masterbating, with about 10 seconds left I might try to disarm it... if I can find the time.

Sorry for the rant, I just piss myself off, and no matter how many times I tell myself it won't happen again it does, and it will continue to.

Am I alone on this?


This is generally what people who don't achieve much in life do.

Face it. Change. You have to learn to priorotize or your life will just be a mess of missed opportunities and regret.


I feel the same as you, but only in this academic quarter.

My whole college life, I hated stress and I can't deal with it and I suck ass at working under pressure. I've always worked on large projects well ahead of time and I've always pulled good grades but only because I spend a shit load of time planning and working ahead of time.

However, I'm in my final quarter of college EVER, and I've already landed a job and even negotiated for an up-front signing bonus with the company I'm going to work for. I must be honest that as a result, I have NO motivation to do well this quarter. All I care about is passing grades and I've put very little effort into my projects and since the MLB playoffs and NFL season are in full swing, I've been putting off EVERYTHING until the last minute. I just really don't give two shits this quarter.

I understand why you feel like shit about it. I would never be doing this if I haden't sealed the deal with my job, but I fully understand the shitty feeling.

My story is obviously different than your's since it sounds like you've been doing this forever. I've only got a taste of what it's like to be a procrastinator.


Short answer: Yes

Long answer : Ummm...I'll write it later, right now Berserk is on, and I'm gonna eat too, and maybe take a nap. :wink:


I'll think I will hold off posting on this thread for a while.


I waited too long to make this joke.


BS! What channel is cool enough to play Berserk?


Dude relax, this isn't a mental disorder, you're just acting like an average person...so stop that.


I used to have a big problem with this kind of behavior. It was like I was genetically programmed to waste time.

Then about a year ago I realized that it is not cute and that I had a lot of regrets about how I had allocated my attention over the previous five years or so. Now I am on top of it and things are going better than ever.

You can still fuck around, you just have to do it smart.


I am the same way. My advice would be stop and never do it again. You dont want to be like me. Its horible and depressing.

I can only focus on one thing at a time. If Im into lifting I suck at school and everything else.

Im even still up right now because Im puting off going to bed.

You gotta see where you want to be, what job you want what grade see the payoff. And once you see that work tward it just like your working tward a 405 bench max.


I was the same way up until the end of last year. I got a job working for an oilfield services company in the summer and I had a crew of older lads that had a really intense work ethic. The kind where you work hard and use every bit of time to the fullest. I knew that to attain my goals in university, in the gym, and in a social context, I had to learn how to manage and make the most of my time.

What you have to learn is to break down a task into many smaller chunks. Lets say studying biology 101 an hour everyday 10 days before your final, or perhaps that you will check up on the T-Nation forums once a day for only 15 minutes. Once you learn to manage time correctly you will feel in total control, and the stress is almost non-existent because there is a feeling of preparedness as well.

Live in the present and make the most of every moment. Keep track of upcoming deadlines and plan ahead, of course, but during the day just focus on that day only.

What I did was, despite being a full-time student, I made a schedule that mimicks the 9-5 scheme most people share. Put in your 8 hours of school work, take some short breaks here and there, and don't forget to relax for a couple hours after all your work is done. If you can't seem to do it all in that timeframe put in some "overtime" if necessary, but stay away from constantly cramming and mixing up your sleep patterns. On the weekend, if you feel like you put in a good week and everything is under control, take a day off to do some you enjoy. But even though it's free time, make the most of it and don't just sit around all day worrying about the week ahead or sitting on the internet all day.

Hopefully these ideas can help you out. Also, it's 9:15 and my 15 min of T-Nation is up. :slightly_smiling:


Umm...uhhh...ok I admit, I lied just for the sake of making a joke.

I'm really, really sorry if I even for one second got your hopes up that Berserk was being shown on TV :frowning: