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Procaine ?????

I work at a Health Food store and we got in a product that contains ‘Procaine HCL’. I asked around and it is apparently a derivative of ‘Novacaine’ and is used for anti-stress, anti-aging, and one interesting thing it is said to do is increase the absorption of anything else you take it with. I coped a few samples and took it one night with some inositol,choline, B-6 formule because I’ve been under some stress lately and haven’t been able to sleep. WOW!! I was out and feeling good too!!!

Here’s my real questions:
Has anyone heard of this Procaine stuff? Has anyone had expierence with it? Does Bill Roberts know anything about it?
Would it increase the absorption of Mag-10?

Check out life extension foundation (LEF.ORG) they have info on it. It is “reported” to have anti-cortisol properites.

I very much doubt it would increase absorption of MAG-10.

Procaine is a local anesthetic with a short half life.

Increases absorption…? Yeah, and I bet it’s an aphrodisiac, “fat burner”, cognitive enhancer, penile tissue enhancer, all in one.

Another use thats known to me is as a cutting agent in cocaine. Can hide bad gear cause the numbness caused by procaine (not sure if its HCL or not)is similar to numbness in good cocaine that you feel.

Wait, well I guess since it can act as a vasodilator, that could technically affect the RATE of absorption, but not necessarily the AMOUNT absorbed. I don’t see the benefit in that.