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Problems with Tren E

My first post. This is my first time using tren. Used before mostly deca and test and never had any problems. My cycle now is test 600mg, tren 300mg and also exemestane and hcg (not started yet). This is week 4 and i feel awful. Lost sleep, lost appetite, headache, feels like have fever but i dont have. Today got tren cough and still feel like i have something shit in my lungs. Feel like shit overall. Training is quite good, lost some fat and feel strong in gym but outside of gym feel bad. So what should i do? Tren e will be running weeks if i stop now. Is it good change tren for example npp? Or should i continue with test only. This cycle was planned 15 weeks, dropped tren week 12.

Sorry to hear your troubles sir. You’ll see it repeated on here often that the first dive into Tren should be with Ace so you can bail and clear it faster. Youre right that it will stay in your system for awhile but I would still drop it. Doesn’t sound pleasant. If you planned a 15 week cycle and are only on week 4 you still have time for another long ester or you could run something like NPP for the next 8 weeks. Personal choice really.

Thank you for fast reply! I know, should have started with tren a. But thought I can handle it because other cycles where smooth. Live and learn… I maybe take npp, although never used that either. Cant take deca cos dont wanna that swollen physicue.

NPP and Deca give similar results. Its been said that NPP isn’t as ‘watery’ but I don’t buy it. If you don’t want a watery physique why not try Test / Mast? Mast has been my favorite compound alongside test. The results are minimal but its a feel good drug with potent libido effects.