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Problems with thermogenics

I need something to help speed my metabolism, but all of the triple stack products like xenadrine and the like cause me a great deal of pain. Besides the mood swings my gut feels like someone is slicing me open. Any ideas on alternative products or something to help the side effects Thanks

I don’t use thermos as much as before because of the same reasons. I use fish oils. The best brand is the Sears Labs liquid oil product. It’s lime flavored and expensive, you pay for the convenience and its quality. I take about two teaspoons a day during cutting cycles which is about over 5 grams of epa/dha. You could also use CLA, about 4 to 5 grams a day. I haven’t tried it but a recent poster on a thread said that’s what he been doing.

T2-pro, cla, yohimbine (sp?). I’ve had great results with all three. Biotest has a new thermo. on the way, minus the ephedra, and Xenadrine has a new no-ephedra formula out as well. MX-7 also, but indirectly lowers your BF. It’s by no means a thermo.