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Problems with the T-dawg diet

I was just reading about the T-dawg diet, and it sounds great. I have just started training regularly about 2 months ago. I need to gain muscle AND lose fat, but want to lean out a bit initially. The T-dawg diet says it will help me lose fat. My question is to those that have used this diet, how do you feel during the day. Obviously everyone here needs both mental and physical funtions to be at their peak. I am worried that at such low carb levels I will feel sluggish and mentally slow. Anyone suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, I went on the diet a while back. Some things I can say is… take ALL of the suggested supplements. Keep a Carefully regimented food log. Follow the Article TO THE T, except I think Shugart changed the carbs to 50 or 70 on non work out days, and 100 on work out days. Follow Beradi’s Meal combonations (Read “Massive Eating”), and come to terms that you’re going to be drinking a lot of Flax seed oil. Stay away from most of the satuarted fats. I find that you want MOST of your fats from Flax and Fish Oil. Good luck

I just started the T-dawg 2 weeks ago and am doing good with it.I feel pretty good on it, maybe I just burn fats better. I work a pretty Physical job and workout after or box on off days. Never had any problems with energy. I would definitely get a fiber supplement. I use Fiber-Physll in my oatmeal and protein in the morning, doesn’t taste bad. The only problem with this diet is that I recover slower. Most likely the reduced carbs.Also use olive oil for fats too.

Ive used the t-dawg diet before and it rocks. I think the first couple of days was a transition in my body with all the extra fat, but after that it as smooth sailing. I followed the original program to a tee, and its been months past since last I used it. I do remember seeing in a forum post that C. Sugart said there would be a followup in the program. I think if I ever use it again I will take the carbs a bit higher though, and I think that will be one of the adjustments made if my memory serves me correctly. I definitely leaned up, and was very satisfied with the results so I give it 4 stars! Good luck!