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Problems with Squats


I have been seriously weight training for about three years total. Sometimes I am forced to take longer breaks that I would prefer due to my school schedule. Before that, in undergrad, I rowed crew.

My current weight routine focuses on DL's Squats, and Bench, with weighted Pull Ups to even things out.

I usually weigh between 165 and 175 and hope to begin competitive powerlifting at 165 in a few more months (doubt I could hit a solid 181).

Sorry for the long intro, but I figured a little background might help.

My problem is when I drop down for my squats (A to A), I can not keep my knees pointed in a single direction. That is to say, my legs sort of bow in and out. I am not sure if my description is clear, but clearly I am having a stability issue that could develop into a more serious problem.

Even if I lift less weight, the problem remains the same. I am thinking maybe my hams are too tight from rowing? Any suggestions?


A powerlifting squat. Concentrate on pushing the knees/legs OUT. Keep that thight. this will keep them noodles from floppin and help activate the hips.

Tight on the way down then force them out, push through the heels, chest up and out, back arched, and DRIVE!!!