Problems with Squat Technique

Alright I have been working out it’s my squat. I am having trouble doing it right I can’t get my legs parrallel to the ground without leaning over or going on the balls of my feet, I also can’t get down without my toes pointing outwards. Now how this sounds is that I am doing my technic everything my coaches have told me. Keep your heals on the ground keep your toes forward. I am a fairly stock guy except for my arms I am a big guy, chest, stomach, neck, etc.

Does anyone have any advice on it I have tried everything that my coaches have said but it just doesn’t come work and if I do happen to do what they are saying my knees feel like they are going to rip apart.

Maybe my hamstrings are to tight? My Physician said that once to me and I thought maybe that’s it.

You will need to bend over some to completew this lift. you will need to point your toes out slightly to complete this lift. you may not get down to parallel to start. Some people are tight in the hip flexors and lack flexibility at first. Stretch and do the movement with lighter weights to get through the full motion.

Get the weight on your back in a comfortable position. Feet shoulder width or slightly wider with toes pointed slightly out. Now push your hips back and ‘pull’ yourself down like you are sitting on an imaginary chair.

As you descend your back will naturally lean forward. That’s OK. Just try and keep the natural arch in your lower lumbar area–keep your eyes looking forward or SLIGHTLY up. At the bottom drive thru your heels and bring the weight up

Nice lift

Do it again.

Don’t be disappointed if it takes some time to get all the way down. It will come. Pay special attention to your hips, quads, and hams stretching AFTER you lift. And get a good lower body warm-up like 10-15 minutes of walking or jogging to get the blood flowing

Point your toes out slightly, to where they’re comfortable, get a wider than shoulder width stance and stick yuor butt out.

It’s been covered here before.

I had this problem as well. this stretch really helped. I also used 2.5 lbs under my heels while squatting before finding about this stretch.