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Problems with Soy Sauce?


Hey little buddies,

Plain chicken breast gets a bit boring some times, so I like to season with some "soy and garlic" sauce. I only add a splash and thats enough to add some flavor so I can smash another chicken breast.

Anyway, I hear that soy can have a negative impact on your body composition. Can someone tell me if I should be worried about using a dash of soy sauce a few times a week on my chicken?? What are we actually worried about concerning soy?



Prob not enough to affect estrogen levels. If you have severe gluten intolerances such as celiacs disease I’d skip it as it does contain gluten. I eat a little once a week when I hit my fav. all you can eat sushi bar :wink:


Magick touched on it that there is some evidence that soy may elevate estrogen levels. I’ve heard that some researchers think the proliferation of soy products in the Western diet may be partially to blame for falling T levels and smaller testicle size in today’s males when compared to those of a generation or 2 ago.

I generally try to avoid soy sauce for these reasons but I have no idea what quantity of soy is needed to elicit such a hormonal change. However, I only found out about this concern within the last year and I had been ingesting soy sauce on a semi-regular basis with good gains and no symptoms of low T so it’s probably nothing to worry about.


I don’t think soy sauce would provide much actual soy at all. Just think, if you poured the same amount of wine over it, how much alcohol would you consume? Hardly any. Soy sauce must be less than 1% soy protein surely, it won’t have any effect.


I use gluten free soy sauce fairly often. Another thing I use is this ‘coconut aminos’ sauce that I saw at sprouts that was advertised as a soy sauce replacement. It’s sweeter than it is salty, but it’s nice.


Thanks for the info buddies.



I asked MODOK this exact question not too long ago.

He said it was nothing to be concerned with.


The way soy sauce is made, the soy is essentially fermented/treated so the nutrients binding properties of soy are no longer there. So that’s one negative of soy taken care of through the process of producing soy sauce. Now, there’s that whole estrogen promoting aspect of soy which is actually an existing property of soy HOWEVER, you would need to consume A LOT of soy for that to ever be an issue.

Let’s just say that in China and much of Asia, soy increasing estrogen is not an issue and in that region of the world, soy is a HUGE part of their daily diet (I’m Chinese, grew up on the stuff, ha ha, they consume A LOT of soy products, practically as ubiquitous as rice).

Hope that helps OP.