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Problems with Protein


Like the title says, I have no clue on how much protein I should be taking. I weigh 270 LBs, and I am not sure if I should be purchasing Metabolic Drive Low-Carb or Metabolic Drive Complete. I have used a couple of calculators on different sites, and I get a wide range of answers, some saying I should take it 240 grams of protein, and others saying 120. Any thoughts?


Usually 1.5 g/lbs of body weight to 2.0 g/lbs of body weight are recommended, so I've read.


Oh wow, so it looks like I will need to buy 3 buckets of Metabolic Drive Low-Carb so they can last about a month.


You can get protein from other food sources as well. If above is to much protein is to much 1.0g/lbs of body weight minimum is recommended as well. However, for someone that is 270lbs I would suspect you need a higher intake of protein. Use these numbers as guidelines and tweak your intake to fit your needs. Also spend A LOT of time reading all the useful information that T-Nation provides. There is countless articles with regards to nutrition and dieting.


Thanks for the responses! I am trying to get as much protein as possible, without having to spend a large amount of money on supplements. Almost everyday I eat chicken breast or lean beef. Would it be a good idea to continue on with that?


yes, whole foods are always better than powders if you can afford them. also, what is your goal? fat loss? strength? muscle?


Be forewarned - don't forget to take some fiber or you will have real problems with the protein.


I would continue with the chicken and lean beef you are eating now and add in the protein from the shakes you plan to consume. Also look into fish as well very good lean protein source as well as essential fats and oils. I love cooked wild salmon fillets.

Lean protein:
Extra lean beef
Eggs/or whites

Typically less legs the source animal had when it was alive, the leaner and more healthy it is.


I forgot to mention this, but my goal is fat lose, and muscle gain. Money is starting to be an issue, since I have to pay a driving ticket ( Apparently you arent allowed to hit kids with your car or something). I am able to get Body Fortress Whey Protein from a supplements store, its 2LBs for 14 dollars, do any of you have any thoughts on it?


Ugh. Tried it. That is some awful stuff. I don't know what that grit is, but it won't dissolve and I had to rinse my mouth out to keep from crunching on it.

You need to figure out your Lean Body Mass and calculate your protein intake on that.


Dude, 1 goal at a time.

Aim to lose fat first, since you're a beginner you'll gain some muscle along the way.

To be honest, you can try another brand and see how it taste and compare it with some other brands - out of all I tried Metabolic Drive does taste the best though. However, you don't need to buy buckets of the stuff - most of your protein should come from food so you only need 1-2 servings a day of the stuff.