Problems with Power Clean Form

I’m doing Starting Strength, but I can’t seem to learn the Power Clean. I don’t have anyone to teach me the lift, so should I just replace it with something else? What other lift would be good?

nobody taught me to do it. i just did it. it is really fun trying to make my form more effecient. the problem ive got is how many to do. i do ten. 2reps X 5sets

Come on man, I’m not athletic and I can do a half decent power clean. Keep the bar right next to your body, elbows up, hands on top and then a quick flip at the top.

When I’m learning anything new, I’ll watch a video several times until I’ve “internalized” it or feel like I can picture myself doing the same thing. Video yourself doing the movement and you’ll likely catch where you need to change something about your form. That usually works for me.

“Mastering the Power Clean”