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Problems with Parents

So, my Mum came to visit a couple of weeks ago. First thing she noticed after stepping off the plane.: “You look more buff than ever!”. Thanks, Mum. She tutted pretty much every time I had a shake or took some supps or went off to the gym. Once she’d got back home she phoned me and asked me to curb my enthusiasm for all things lifting related.

BTW I’m 35, married and have a son.

Welcome to the club!

The only advice I can give you is just to ignore it.
And without knowing your parents. I would guess they dont excercise much if at all, are carrying much more fat than you, have no idea what they are putting in their mouth, get sick often because their body is in such a bad shape, always have to get help when they need to move and carry things around…

You probably are my lost brother I never heard about.

My mum seems to have a hard time with me lifting weights. Every time she sees me she insists that I’m getting fat (I’m up to 184lbs from 143lbs in early june whilst remaining at around 12%). I explain to her that I look bigger because I’ve added muscle mass, her response is that adding muscle is not a good idea because I’ll end up looking like a freak.

My dad on the other hand has seen my progress and asked me to show him how to eat and train. I wrote out the 7 habits for him and showed him a few basic exercises and in the last couple of months he’s dropped around 14lbs of fat. My mum is very happy with that.

I guess there’s 2 sides to every coin.

haha that was a good one. I needed a laugh, thank you.

My parents both hate the fact that I weight train. My father thinks that high protein diets are fatal and I’m going to drop dead of a heart failure. He also tells me that I’m training wrong every chance he gets (Which basically starts with him telling me to stop training with weights and do lots of pushups and situps “because doing hundreds of pushups at a time is what makes you strong, not just bulking up.” and then turns into arguing semantics about the defenition of strength.)

My mom complains that I’m getting fat because I can’t see my abs anymore.

Since when did masculinity become a BAD thing?

My mom is the same. I think maybe she doesn’t like it because she knows I am getting laid more LOL.

My dad is great about it though.

‘Because of their size, parents may be difficult to discipline properly’ - PJ O’rourke

Assuming that the above posters are all adults, how is it possible to have a problem with your parents? Maybe tell them you are not interested in their opinion? Radical thought, I know.

Just because someone changed your diapers does not give them carte blanche to try and influence your behaviour or offer unsolicited opinions on all facets of your life in perpetuity.

I like to do it this way:

“You know, one the dangers of offering unsolicited opinions is that you run the risk of finding out just how little value they have to the listener.”

Im in the Aussie Army myself and probally see my parents once a year If Im lucky and both mum and dad always comment and congratulate me on my size and strength.
Yes and im also married with 2 children