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Problems with Online Ordering?


hey guys, this has prob been posted several times before. i did use the search function but cudnt really find a genuine answer.

about to start my 3rd cycle. never ordered off the net before as i have been getting supps and gear from a reliable source at the gym. However, this is no longer available.

I now have a reliable online source. i am in the uk, and the gear will be coming from overseas. What is the laws etc on customs? what if my parcel gets tracked, as it will have my address on?

i have enough test left from previous cycle. All i will be ordering online is around 100 winny tabs.





As long as it’s not an absurd amount of gear, I’ve been told it’s perfectly legal to import for personal use - customs tends to let most things through.


ul be fine ordering for personal use


Most guys here order online… 100 winstrol tabs is fuck all man, just do it.