Problems with new physique

Back in highschool I was a really weak fat kid that couldn’t do a single pushup. I was like… 5’7 and 200lb. But the summer after my senior year, I started working out and I’ve dropped to 5’7, 160lb, 12-14% bf and I can do about 60 pushup in a row :D. Now although I love my new body. I’ve got 2 problems with it.

1.) I have this “fat crease” on the bottom of my former manboobs. I was wondering how to get rid of it.

2.) All my shirts make me look fat… I have somewhat of the V-shaped torso so when I wear my regular Walmart clothes, they just kinda drape down from my pecs and make my stomach look big. Should I get smaller sizes? Or is there a place where I can get shirts that are meant for people with the V-shaped torso?

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

Being a former fatty and around your same size, I might be able to help you a little:

  1. If you still have fat in your lower chest area, then the only thing you can do to get rid of it is lose more fat or get liposuction. YOu cannot control where your fat comes off. You might have to get to lower than 10% bodyfat to notice a change.

2)I don’t understand this question. You shouldn’t look fat in any type of shirt if you aren’t fat. In other words, it’s probably not the shirt making you look fat.

you should gain enough muscle so you dont have to buy smaller sizes

If you’ve lost 40 pounds of fat, you probably should treat yourself to a couple new shirts. And while no self respecting T-man would ever give fashion advice, Target seems to have way better choices than Wal Mart.

1.) Its been discussed that people with high body fat level has higher estrogen level because of it. While you might have lost weight, its possible your previous hormone profile is keeping that fat area untapped. I experienced the same problem 2 years ago and I attacked it by using Biotest M to decrease my Estrogen level while going on a fat-loss program at the same time. It took 2 month, but the fat crease in the lower chest area disappeared and hasn`t came back since.

2.) Im 58 with 46 chest and 31 waist. XL shirts fits me perfectly around my upper body, but it’s generally designed for guys 5`10 or taller with 38 to 42 waists. So these shirts hangs to the middle of my legs and the baggy waist area gives the illusion that you have a large gut hiding behind it. That must be what you mean by the shirt making you look fat.

Tucking in your shirt would fix that problem, but leaving the shirt un-tucked is the current style right now. Luckily my girlfriend knows how to modify shirts and shes fix it for me so theyre shorter and has a smaller waist area. I`m sure your local tailors could do this cheaply. The other option is to shop at places like Banana Republic, Guess, and Express. Their cloth seems to be designed towards younger people who generally have smaller waists. So it should fit you better then Wal-Mart clothes.

Hope that helped.

The fat rolls under your tits are punishment for being fat all those years. You can’t just erase that. Sorry.

I have the same problem as you where my shirts just drape down from my pecs so it looks like my stomach is bigger than it actually is. Buying tighter clothes does help some but doesn’t completely eliminate the problem.

Surely a T-man knows how to dress?

all suggestions thus far are sound, but going topless is always appreciated by the Vixens!


Ok, thank you all for your advice. :slight_smile:

I think I know what you mean about the shirt, that your man-bobs cause the shirt to ride high and then makes your stomach look bigger than it actually is,solution, you’ll have to get the bodyfat lower and keep up the good work that you have done so far.

Spot reduction never worked for me as i always gain fat on my chest first so you’ll just have to diet a while longer. As for shirts, try not to get ones that are big, i.e slightly gapey as these just make the problem worse, go for something that is quite tight
and the waist problem does disapear.

Oh and by the way, half of the problem is purely psycholigical, i have got rid of my fat chest but my brain still tells me it’s there, so make sure you’re not convincing yourself that you are still fat.

well done and good luclk on the fatloss.

I agree with jasonL. Former fatty’s tend to require to lose more to look lean than people who have stayed fairly lean all their lives.

I have that fun myself. One of my buddy’s has always been around 10-12%, and he doesn’t show abs but doesn’t have any big fat deposits either. Just smooth all over.
Then you have me who has spent a lot of life in the upper teens, and I get down to 10% and still have obvious fat on lower abs, little winglets on my sides.

Think of it as just a punishment for past indiscretions…lol

Tuck your shirt in your pants then it won’t drape.


wear a large instead of extra large… fits tighter, no waist problem and makes your chest and guns look huge :wink:

btw, banana republic, guess, buffalo, west coast and all the other stores along those lines do design their clothes slightly smaller then the average store. kind of annoying sometimes for me since i shop at these places and i sometimes think all the clothes there are made for skinny ass gino guys who cant lift a 15lb dumbell over their head.