Problems With My Deadlift

I’m having problems with my deadlift.
As I increase the weight I end up doing a stiff legged deadlift.

I think the reason behind it is I use 10kg plates and the bar is so low to the ground.

What size plates does everyone else use?
How high from the ground is the bar??

I’ve been thinking about buying some 25kg plates or should I not bother but work on my form instead?

I think you might be using to much weight. When I started deadlifting I would do the same thing. Drop the weight a bit and work on your form.

I agree…just drop the weight and really focus on perfect form throughout the lift.

If you’re sure your technique is spot-on, check out Eric Cressey’s “Deadlift Diagnosis” piece; it should help.

If your technique isn’t perfect, figure out how to make it perfect! Dave Tate and myself have both written articles on proper deadlift technique. They are:

The Dead Zone - Dave Tate
Precision Pulling - Mike Robertson

Hope this helps!

Stay strong