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Problems With Low Carbs

I have been on Velocity for for the 5th day now and lost 8 pounds(224 to 216).But it’s about to kill me.I sell cars and work about 55 hour a week.I have been extremley moody and feeling weak and depressed since Weds.I can’t think on my feet any more,which is part of my job in sales

I’m thinking about doing T-dawg with same amount of calories as Velocity to get some carbs in.My 2 questions are:Anybody else have great results doing T-dawg with Velocity type calorie numbers(1500 non-training and 1610 traning days) and 2nd question:are some indviduals require a higher amount of carbs? I seem to require about 100 grams a day just to keep my sanity.

It takes some people longer to adjust to the very low carb lifestyle. As much as we would like to belive our bodies aren’t machines that respond instantly. You’re body is currently in the process of making enzymes that it hasn’t needed and downregulating the synthesis of enzymes that it doesn’t need anymore. give it some time. Are you taking the HOT-ROX? They seem to help alot. I would also increase you water intake. I have found that helps lot of people having simlar problems with low carb diets.

Maybe low carbs isn’t for you. I would suggest going through with the entire diet, then trying something else bro.

If you’re working 55 hrs. a week on your feet, I don’t recommend V-diet low calories. This diet is very extreme, and I recommend a more lifestyle friendy approach to fat-loss. Take in at least 1g protein/lb. of bodyweight, take fish oils and other healthy fats, make sure your carbs are from good sources(oats, yams, brown rice, ww bread, and ww pasta), and eat plenty of fruits&veggies. While trying to lose fat, it helps to take your carbs in the morning and around active times(weights). I recommend raising your calories to around 2000-2500 a day. You’ll have more energy, perform better, and be more happy. Just eat healthy foods, train hard, and you’ll see results. Restricting your calories so severely like on the V-diet just has too many negative effects and unless using drugs, I don’t recommend it.


I just don’t get why normal, healthy individuals deprive themselves of carbs.
I understand the concept (please no flames) what I can’t understand is the reason. You’re healthy? training (I assume because you are on this site), working 55 hours a week. Why no carbs?
If you just had to drop 10lbs quick for a reason, fine. You can’t accomplish all of your goals at one time. I realize that I am a dinosaur on this, but give me my carbs, or give me death!
Just keep them clean and you are good to go. Sneak an apple or banana–you won’t die.

My thoughts exactly. You don’t need to eliminate carbs to lose fat. Eat foods that you know are healthy in moderation. No need to overcomplicate things.

I lowered my carb intake below 100 g a few years back and got crippling headaches after a day. Not fun.

In the end, I got better results doing what Vandalay15 posted.