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problems with front squats

is there anyone who are having the same problems with front squats?currently, i have the bar resting high on the delts and against the neck.the bar presses against the neck and head feels like exploding due to the sheer pressure.
am i placing the bar correctly? any t- man with tips on the proper form?

I asked this a while back (1-11, about grip for front squats) and got good responses. Search on “Front Squat Grip”.

You’re doing them correct if you feel like it’s choking you. The bar should be high, the elbows should be high, and you should use the grip that Olympic lifters use. Suck it up!

thanks guys.

Check out www.adfit.com. They make a special collar just for doing front squats.

I have the same problem and I solved it by just doing no more than six reps per set. Longer sets than that and I’m seeing stars in my eyes.