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Problems with Fat Loss


Hello Coach Thibaudeau, first just like to say you do great work, most of us here can agree. On to my point…(background info) -6’ 200lbs 13-15% bf

  • considered endomorph
  • arms pretty lean - fatty areas = love handles/lower abs/glutes
  • Ive gotten down to about 8% on my own through mostly low carb&high fat diet but moved on to Ultimate Diet 2.0 and somehow gained 15lbs and all my fat(and more) back im guessing too high excess cals on carb load were not good for me?
  • i generally lift fullbody 3-4x/wk then include NC wkts and add HIIT cardio or loaded carries sparingly to avoid excess fatigue (get flat/hold more water) (different training in-season)
  • for last 6months losing fat/maintaining lean physique has been struggle ever since UD2
  • following mainstream advice to only lower cals for fat loss/maintain same lifting -> flat look. very easy muscle loss
    1st ques) what is it that causes me gain so much fat so easily/makes so hard to lose
    2nd ques) what advice can you give to help me…at least point me in right direction to do own research
    Sorry so long, thanks for everything CT!


Not sure if it matters…Couple yrs back i was around 180lbs very lean while lifting&playing rugby 4-5x/wk

  • ate lotsss of fruit/whole food complex carbs
  • no wheat, bread, pasta, nothing packaged
  • pretty effortless leanness, just ate all the time as i was always hungry


HAHAHA so I guess Lyle McDonald doesn’t know it all!!! Allow me this moment of joy since he is the only person in this field who seems to have it in for me :slight_smile:

Since the UD2 diet has some very low calorie days, the problem could either be:

a) eating too much on the higher carb days
b) having too much of a cortisol increase during the low calorie days (cortisol is raised to make fuel available)
c) Having bad insulin sensitivity, the fluctuation in carb intake leading to more storing (fat gain) and no more mobilizing (fat loss)

My suggestion is to stick to a low carb diet, only having carbs in your pre-workout shake. Once a week have a higher carbs day (200-300g) but in the form of low glycemic carbs… on that day consume 6-9g of fish oil 30 min prior to your main carb meals

As fore training reduce the amount of lifting but increase the amount of explosive work and loaded carries they are devoid of an eccentric phase and will make your muscles more sensitive to insulin. Something like 3lifting sessions week and 2-3 loaded carries/NCT ciombo sessions per week