Problems with Dry Skin on Testosterone

Hey all . Iam a 66 year old male been on gear for 6 years the past 2 years been on TRT . I cant seam to find any info on dry flakey skin only in my face all im told is test
Makes your skin oily and gives u pimples . I get blood work and do the blood deal 3 to 4 times a year to keep the red cells normal. This is my first post so I apologize in advance for saying the wrong stuff thanks Ed

Are you taking an aromatase inhibitor? I get this when my e2 goes a bit low and it goes away when I back off the A.I.

I’ve always had dry skin on my calves specifically, like super dry skin.

I imagined being on TRT would have helped that but it’s either worse or at least no better. My shoulders decided to take the brunt of excess sebum, instead of it going to my dry ass calves :man_shrugging:

Sorry, no solutions but I’m here for the responses.

I had problems with dry red skin when first starting TRT, it was low iron, ferritin. TRT seems to drag my iron stores down very quickly and have to supplement iron daily.

Also low vitamin D can cause dry skin. When I started vitamin D supplements, I noticed my skin was wetter, more moist and had more bodily fluids. There was a UK randomized placebo controlled clinical trial showing vitamin D supplementation increases estrogen in mid aged men.

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Vitamin D Supplements May Raise Sex Hormone Levels in Men (

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