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Problems with Carb Cycle Bulking


I have been cutting for about two months now and my weight is down from 90 kg to 82 kg and my bf is 15% down from 25%. Im planning on bulking with the carb cycling method a la CT ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_carb_cycling_codex ) when i drop down to 80 kg and I have set up my moderate carb days. They look like this roughly:

Meal 1:
100 gr oats
250 gr egg whites
5 gr fish oil

Meal 2:
140 gr canned tuna
50 gr almonds

Meal 3:
140 gr canned tuna
50 gr organic peanut butter

Meal 4:
6 eggs
50 gr peanut butter

Meal 5: PostWO
1 scoop gold standard whey
2 scoops ON glycomaize
250 gr white rice

Meal 6:
300 gr brown rice
150 gr chicken breast

Meal 7:
4 eggs
10 gr fish oil

My macros from this moderate carb day stand at 290/317/162 = cals at 3886.

I used the Harris-Benedict formula to calculate my BMR which is at 2100 ca. @80 kg bw. Then i upped the cals by 60% to get to my maintenance level. Then bumped that up by 20% to go into surplus.

My questions to you are; are these macros correct ? Tips for upping carbs on high carb days ? And of course, am i doing it right ?

Thanks for reading


Are the macros correct? Well that's hard to answer. There is no cookie cutter, so nobody can check your macros and tell you if you're on track (for success with this plan) or not. Moderate carb day for you might work well at the level that you've set it above. Some ppl use 80 grams for moderate carb day, some use 200 or more. 80 grams might be hellishly low for others, and 200 might be way to high for even a high day for others. Just go by how well it works.

You have to see what works for u to know what works for you. Hell even your total calories are just an estimate using "formulas." The only formula that works for anybody is the formula of what worked in the past, adjusted for new body composition and or changes in metabolism. This is near impossible to just guess at ahead of time.

(I'm not saying you are, but...) Don't be afraid to fail, or at least fail to achieve perfection. I hope I don't sound all high and mighty but just go for "Good Enough." At 15% body fat, you can still easily get to 10% by just busting your ass. Nothing fancy to get to 10%. Honestly. No offense intended.

Your question of "am I doing it right" is irrelevant given the context. There is no context. We have to know your entire nutrition plan (high and low days) and how your nutrition and workouts sync up (I mean that you need to give us your workout plan listed out by day, along with the same for your nutrition. Failure to plan is a plan to fail or something like that.)