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Problems With Barbell Snatch


Ok here is the deal. . .

I can DB snatch 80lbs, clear from ground to sky, and its not that hard, not that easy either! I cannot for the life of me take a barbell of 135lbs and get it above my shoulders. I may be missing something very obvious here, I am new to the olympic lifts an all so it could be that I am just not use to it, point blank.

Thank you in advance for any ideas, suggestions.


I think you need to find a qualified olympic weightlifting coach. Where are you located geographically?


In the states:

Where are you located in Europe?


Ignore what my profile says, I clicked on the wrong shit, tired when I did it, lol. Im over in afghanistan, dont know that many "serious" lifters, I have one in mind, so I will talk with him, I was just woundering if there was any connection b/w DB snatch to BB snatch, i will keep at it anyways though. I got the drive, not the know how, but Im working on that too! Thank you for the help.


Try full ROM overhead squatting for some time

Also, do lots of flexibility work

If strength is a problem, heavy military and push presses might help


Weird. Do you snatch two 80-lbs. dumbbells at the same time?


No I do one DB at a time. I guess I forgot to put that in there, my thought was that if that shoulder, w/ alot of explosiveness, can do that then x that by 2 and maybe I would be around there, obviously this is wrong b/c I cant even do that.

I am guessing that "ROM" = Range of Motion? Another thing is I can take 135 for the BB and explode up to the top of my shoulders but thats where I loose everything, so I am guessing its two things at the moment. . .

  1. New to the olympic lifts

  2. I need more strength/explosiveness in my shoulders

Any other advice you can offer me if much appriciated, like I said before I am stuck in afghanistan so my "knowledge" sorcess are very limited, basically to this site and other things of that nature, not actuall humans with experience. Sucks I know.

Another thing I was able to do

70 x 5
75 x 5
80 x 4-5
85 x 2

at the end of my back/delt workout today, dont know if thats good, Im providing that as more of an information tool for insight into my "problem" not bragging by anymeans. All those were 1 arm DB snatches by the way.

Thank you.


KILLSWIIITCH there is only a very weak correlation between DB snatches and BB snatches. Oly lifters never put single joint power movements into their programming.

Check out these videos:


I strongly recommend that you look up "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" and buy it, along with the video companion. These might get you moving fairly efficiently in the oly lifts. When you get back to the States you'll be able to get together with a coach, and you'll have a decently coordinated base to work with. If you learn poor technique now it's going to negatively affect your learning the lifts.


how much can you squat?

if your not strong enough, you wont be able to snatch much more w/ two hands than one hand....thats where you'll get the drive you need...


I can 1RM about 270 - 280, so I dont know what that would mean

for the snatch but there you have it.


If you're doing it right and using your hips, it simply means that you're not strong enough to snatch 135, BB or DB.


is 135 close?

i'd expect with efficient form, you should be able to do close to that?



Depending on what style of KB snatch you are doing there can be a correlation with olympic lifts.

The KB swing snatch does not correlate.

The KB "high pull" snatch is close to a power snatch w/ a barbell.

Which are you doing?

Dan John has a good intro to olympic weightlifting video on the web. At a brief Oly seminar he gave in DC he helped me jump from a 95# power snatch to a 135# power snatch in a single day i.e. Dan is the man and my form sucked and I had no idea what I was doing.


When you use a 80 pound dumbell you are useing 2 legs and one arm. When you try to snatch one 135 you are using 2 legs and 2 arms. Most of the power comes from the legs.


Actually, most of the power comes from the hips, and since you can't isolate your left hip with your right hip...


I mean hips also and you said nearly the same thing as me only with type os. O and by the way congratulations on nearly 800 posts with nearly all of them being advice while you are still one of the weakest people on the site and who has large goals but has made nearly no progress. So great job on trying to show me up. And you may want to get real friends in stead of spending 12 hours a day on message boards. LOSER


Aww, feel bad that someone weaker than you knows more than the average weak guy? Tsk tsk...


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Edit: Just took a look at your log you are pathetic you don't finish or modify(read pussify) half your workouts If you seriously want to accomplish anything spend your time training not trying to show up people who are much stronger and more dedicated than you. And one more thing I am sick of forums guys like undeadlift insult guys on this site who they would be afraid to look at in person.


"You use mostly legs for snatches."
"Actually it's hips."
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