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Problems with Arimidex?


You can draw up the vial into a syringe and back-fill smaller syringes.

I would drop the test to half, I’m not sure what your stats are but 800mg is a high dose. I’m ~200lbs, 10-12% BF and I use max 2-300mg doses of test. Although recently I’ve dropped test as low as 100mg/wk to allow better anabolics to do their job.



Yes…but i’m running after next week test only so…


Bodyweight Cca.80kg
Height 175cm

There’s another thing I read about…some gears have more of that benzylalcohol and that causes the pain and swelling.


Edit your post and take out the names of the UGLs you’re using. Source and brand talk is not allowed, so if your post gets taken down you won’t get answers to your questions.


@iron_yuppie ok didn’t know!
But than again…shouldn’t that actually be acceptable, so newbies to gear like me could get the proper infos for brands too, so they don’t end up with problems from bad brands and so on…?


There are plenty of other forums out there that are for source talk. This place is for discussing safe use and exchanging information and experiences.


Better help out not complain man :open_mouth:


Guys i have a question about dosing arimidex…

Age 27
Height 175
Weight 85kg

800mg/week of Test E (twice a week)
I had first 3weeks dbol 40mg/day (now is the first week without dbol)

So i was taking 0.5 adex eod…felt like shit
Than i lowerd it to 0.25 eod but still i think i dont feel that weel…

But since i’m now with test only do you have some suggestions about dosing?

I had no bloodworks done yet.

Best Arimidex Protocol for EOD Dosing? Low SHBG

Nope. Like Yuppie said, it’s not what this forum is for. If you’re worried about getting a bad brand, I’d suggest not buying illegal drugs. But that’s just me.

Also, I just moved that last post into this thread because the T Replacement forum is strictly for legal, medically necessary TRT protocols. Any questions about a cycle belong in Pharma.


Guys…how do i best storage my test vial? For 3months or so…


I keep my gear in my sock drawer…I don’t think there is any important way to store it as long as it’s not sitting in the sun or your freezer