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Problems with Alternate Grip on Rack Pulls?


Hi everyone, I have been lurking for several months now, but cant seem to find the solution to my problem looking through old threads, so I hope someone here can help me out.

At 6'0, 171, I am a beginner who recently discovered rack pulls, and cant get enough. I have been lifting 275 for the past couple of weeks, and have made more progress than in the past year.

Unfortunately, I have developed bit of a pain around my left shoulder, along with a larger left shoulder, biceps, and triceps. I caught a snippet in an old thread suggesting that this might be caused by using an alternate grip, where the right hand goes over and the left hand goes under. The thread died and no more information was posted.

Does anyone know if an alternate grip may in fact be the cause of shoulder problems, and asymmetry?


I'd imagine it could be a problem especially once you start hitching shit up which I think is how most people tear up anything like biceps for example. I think having a mixed grip could increase this risk. Yet hitching on either grip is asking for trouble unless you're a strongman and know what you're doing:P.

Try pronated grip rack pulls with straps. If you have been feeling a lot of stress on your left side. Ease up on the weight go lighter and hit higher reps. Get a feel with the pronated grip and work on form.

So I'm also assuming you're left-handed?