Problems with Accessory Movements

This will my planned programmed and accessory movements.

I am new into strength training, I am planning to train with 3 days/ week due to work and school.

Am I doing the right things?
Give me some tweaks and insights about the program
Thanks and God bless


That is some pretty serious volume, are you sure that’s wise and necessary?

I’d drop the tricep work for rows/pull ups and I’d look at dropping most of the accessories in the first instance.

After a cycle or two, depending how you feel, throw some (one or two) in between your supplemental work.

Limiting your exercise selection will help you remove the fluff.

I really don’t know that is why I am asking I don’t know how to tweak things but I hope this will work for me

I want to build muscles and strength at the same time that is why I have problems in the accessory areas but to gain strength everything should be specific. That is the problem should I add supplementary work or drop them

How about this?

There’s a reason why your base program is part of something called a peaking cycle.

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I can’t believe you posted a picture of an excel document. Not even a screenshot. A picture, taken from you phone, presumably.



that’s a first, definitely

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Drop all that undulating periodization and drop half or more of the total excercises and read up on double progression that adds reps and weight. Then pick 2-3 assistance excercise with high rep work 6-20 reps for 2-5 sets after your main strength lift. I’m a big fan of Paul Carter’s 350 Method personally for high rep work - its really simple but you have a specific goal. Your goal is 50 reps or better in 3 sets. Once you get over 50 reps with the same load you increase the weight, Again double progression.

Double progression is super simple.


Bench press - 5x3x200lbs and work up to 5x5x200lbs and then add 10lbs and start over.

350 Method using incline DB press with 60lb dumbells - 1x16, 1x14, 1x10 for 40 reps. Next workout try to get more total reps and hit failure for at least 1 set. Avoid failure for your strength work all lifts should be soild and tight and reasonably powerful/quick, no sloppy form.

What app are you using with your phone in the first screenshots?

I feel it’s too much, and too complicated, but you won’t know for sure unless you give it 100% for a few weeks minimum.

Do the cube method…

The app that I am using is the Russian 3 lifts

I would consider this and finalize everything

Do you have a copy of Cube method?

That program is the old RSR. It has been around for decades. DO NOT do the assistance you have planned.

If anything, do some easy lat work after your deadlifts, and some non-invasive upper back/rear delt work after your sq/bp. I don’t see a benefit with doing more than this; doing anywhere near the level of assistance volume you have planned will almost certainly be disastrous.