Problems w/Pushing Boundaries, Another Reason Not to Push the Intensity

Another ( prominent) example of why it’s not a good idea to dig too deep and go too extreme ( or train too heavy and / or intensely).

Okay, I’ll just make sure I don’t lift as much weight as Dorian Yates then.


Nor as explosive

His injuries have nothing to do with intensity or failure

How do you know for sure?

We all have our own breaking points.
Maybe elite athletes / bodybuilders are elite for their ability to tolerate their training better than the rest of us…as well as their ability to put on muscle.

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Watch him train…the movements are very explosive and weight is extremely heavy…which have nothing to do with intensity or failure or good form

I have also had numerous communications with different trainers of the HIT protocal…where proper form, intensity and MMT are the standards of how they train their clients and they all claim there have been no injuries

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Most people get nowhere near their breaking points, they just puss out and look for an excuse to use for why they didn’t get close to their goals. Like looking for a video on Youtube to support their own failure.

Yates exceeded his breaking points many times. Sometimes he broke, sometimes not. He went places others were unwilling to go. It’s how he became a champion and others were left with the scraps and making excuses.

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Interesting topic and comments.

Without any strength progression over time, the results will stall, no matter which method or rep protocol you use. Some better than others though - to a certain extent (plateau). Strength precedes gains.

Look at @davemccright log for a great example of this over time. I’m not entirely sure he agree with me here, but from an outside look his hypertrophic developments followed strength progression.

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Thanks for the shout out brother! I have to agree with you, putting in the work to become stronger and progressively pushing heavier and heavier weights has led muscle development far beyond what I once thought possible for myself.

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I imagine the demographic of people at risk of accidentally training as hard as Dorian Yates make up the same demographic of people that don’t need a forum to explain training to them.