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Problems, Thought I Had Them Figured Out


Ok, heres the deal, i have already seen many pt's, had an mri and blah blah blah. What it comes down to is i have degenerative discs in the very bottom two discs of my spine. I have the mri photos if more experienced ppl would like to look at them. Although i have some concerns with this problem, for the majority this is being treated and has been fine for the past few months which is very good for me.

This past monday after leg workout with no loading of the spine (disc isssue) later that day my hip started killing me, like just a random onset of pain. It wouldnt hurt to stretch, but the pain got slightly more intense and tight after stretching. I rolled it with a baseball with little avial. Im worried this is connected to the back problem which would be a real buzz kill. The pain is not in the hip flexor, but the very side of the hip, the area one would target doing a side bend. It is only on the left side and radiates slightly to the front and back.

Tuesday while trying to stretch out my glutes and hip using the siting on a bench, one leg crossed over then push the knee down and lean over to stretch the glute, my left knee (the one i was applying pressure to) made quite a few cracks a pops. Now i have pain only to the touch, doesnt hurt walking around or anything. The pain is on the outside of the calf, and runs just below the knee down to the nd of the muscle belly really.

Any help with any of these problems would be much appreciated. Ask any questions that would help you diagnose and i will try my best to answer,
Thanks in advance


bump... anyone?


From the info you gave, I'd venture to guess that you have some muscle weakness in your hip from the disc degeneration causing some issues at the hip, which probably includes trochanteric bursitis. Did you fall on your hip at all?

The knee/calf area is probably just a muscle strain, though you may want your LCL checked out to be safe. The manner is which you performed the stretch is not the best way to do it IMO. You shouldn't really push down excessively on the knee. Instead you should concentrate on keeping a neutral lumbar spine, sitting up tall, and leaning forward from your hips to get an increased stretch.


good call on the stretch.
i was table topped in football before practice started a few years back only a couple weeks after back inury and when i landed on it my entire left side just flew up with pain, so it has definitely always been more pain on the left side and hip.


If you had an acute, traumatic hit/landing to the hip, you might have a labral defect in the hip joint, but it is very unlikely to be the source of your problem. I still believe it is mainly a weakness that you just have not gained back from the disc degeneration. What level was your degeneration at? From that weakness you probably developed a trochanteric bursitis that is causing IT band tightness, gluteal issues, and hip discomfort. Did you ever get an MRI of the hip or just the low back?

When was the last time you saw a doctor? How old are you as well? What have you currently been doing for activity?


im 19, saw the doctor over christmas break back in january, that was also the first time i had an mri and it was just of the low back. I couldnt tell you the level as they havent told me, but i do have the mri. I lift 6 days a week, bodybuilding but for legs i do no squats just lunge variations, leg presses, exts and curls, back i dont do loading, chest supported rows and machine rows instead of barbell rowing. My glute is definitely tighter on the left side, as well as the IT band is more painful to roll than the right one.


update: out of commission due to a pinched nerve in shoulder, crhonic pain is same and sometimes worse.... doctor didnt suggest any treatment besides ibuprofen and rest... guys if anyone has suggestions for treatments that would help i would much appreciate. Or where to get a valid second opinion


i did get table topped, which is where someone behind you is on all fours and someone else pushes you over them, when this happened it sent a shit load of pain all through my back, this was a few weeks after the initil injury.