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Problems Squatting Low

problem: I can squat to parallel but lets just say my “body type” kind of prevents me from squatting lower. think i should worry about it when ive lost some more weight? I really do go as low as I can…even relaxing I cant go lower lol


You see how deep Rezazadeh catches the bar? Look kinda like a deep squat? Yeah, it is.

Your fat doesn’t keep you from squatting deep. It’s your hip flexibility.

If you’re currently going as low as you can, there are a few things to get deeper. The first is to widen or narrow your stance. You really have to try both, because it may be either. The next trick to try is to lighten the weight (ie don’t use your working weight) and specifically train depth in the squat. Here’s how I went from squatting parallel to full depth while thinking it was my fat that kept me from going further down:

Squat as low as you can with a light weight (135), and holding the bottom position of your squat. Then going a little bit lower. Then lower. Hold the bottom position only long enough for a deep breath in and a relaxed breath out. Lower your depth on the breath out.

When you feel you can’t go any further down, come up and do it again. I did this for 4 sets of 4 AFTER my real workout. It took me an extra fifteen minutes, and in about a week, I was squatting ass-to-calves, albiet with less weight (because I still had to develop strength in the ROM I wasn’t training before).

Thanks alot

ive actually been trying during my workout but I’ll do it after for awhile and hope\make sure I’ll be able to squat lower.

Maybe try front squats ??
They “force” you down more than back squats, try them next time for 1-2 weeks see how you get on.
For another tip, try putting a plate under your feet, even a 1 inch raise can get you down lower… try that aswell i suppose.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

I agree with the hip flexibility; so many people are not mobile enough at this point.

Read more of Eric Cressey’s stuff.

That may explain it.

Lower the weight to something that’ll push you down, but not enough to where it’s even challenging to lift it.

If you try to use your working weight, your muscles panic because they’re not strong in the extended range of motion, so they shut down that range for fear of hurting themselves.

I think it’s called the golgi tendon reflex, although I could be wrong.

Yes problem is, its as over protective as fuck.
Its in Part 1 of CT’s Building the Beast series about said reflex.