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Problems or an Evaluation

Anyone see any problems with this split?

Monday: Deads/Back, Abs,

Tuesday: Bis/Tri/,

Wednesday: Legs,

Thursday: Chest, Abs,

Friday Saturday: Rest,

Sunday: Start over again.

I think that split can work, but I wonder why you have separate days for “deads” and “legs”, unless you meant quads for “legs.” I personally think that devoting a whole workout to just arms is a bit much, unless you are trying to bring up a weakness. Also, I think doing deads and back in one workout may be too taxing. You are moving a whole lot of muscle mass in one workout. I would do only deads and a few ancillary work like abs or calves or forearm. I like combining back and biceps, since most rowing or chinning involves biceps. I like combining tri’s and chest for the same reason. Of course, none of what I said applies if you arranged the split to address specific weaknesses. By the way, what about delts?

you are working out 4 days in a row. damn thats a lot. Unless you were on stuff, but even then that would be a lot. Take wednesdays off. try 2 on 1 off atleast. What kind of volume are you expecting to do. Are you trying to build mass, increase strength, lose fat? I know that nervous system would be shocked from working out 4 days in a row. I never workout more then 2 days in a row. And if i’m really sore i take another day off or just go and do abs, forearms, and some intense bike for 10 minutes.

major systemic overload…you may be training each muscle group only once per week, but the common denominator in all those workouts is the nervous system, which you are training every day. The nervous system takes approximately five times as long as the muscular system to recover. If you are a natural trainer, you probably shouldn’t train more than two days in a row without taking a day off.

Thanks for the advice so far. About the deads, when I do them my back is far more sore than my legs, I feel a bit of tightness in my hams but my back has really been worked. I would guess it’s because I start with the legs on my deads like you should, but I really really concentrate on pulling is up half way through with my back. I’m trying to compensate for having an overdevloped chest. The pecs are pulling my shoulders forward a tad and I want to balance it out.
After I do my deads I just do bent over DB rows and then a Paramount Machine (yeah, haha) that works the back.

For arms I do standing DB curls, then standing barbell curls. For tris I do dips and tri extension over my head. My arms aren’t huge but I would like to concentrate on them.

Would you guess suggest that I keep the muscle spilts the same but do this. Two on, one off, two on, etc… If I did keep it they way I had it originally, and I took Glutamine and Surge, how long would it really take me to overtrain?

I like to plan my four workouts around the four main lifts: bench press, squat, deadlift, and pullups. Since your chest is stronger then upper back, you need to do high rows. I usaully do these with dumbells and i bring the weight up right by my neck and pause. this is an excellent excercise. After these i do the regular rows where the weight goes to my lower abdomen. Use strict form with no trunk movement, just arm movement. Since my deadlifts work 3 muscles groups: hamstrings,shoulders/traps, lower back, i consider this adequate. 4 sets of regualer deadlifts and 3 sets straight leg will do the trick. If you have more time you can do a few more shoulder shrugs. I don’t think that you should do upper back with deadlifts. You need too much energy for both. I would suggest you do upper back then chest as one workout. That way you will work your week muscle group first. Squeeze some deltoids with quads. Definitely take a minimum 2 days off between doing deadlifts and squats. You need the recupperation. If you are too sore take an extra day off. Supplements work but they need time to work. Hope this was of help.