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Problems On Every Injection

I haven’t had luck with T so far…

I started hoping I could do SubQ injections in my love handles. I got some 5/8" 28g needles pined myself Monday and Thursdays for 2 weeks and got wicked welts and rashes (yes I cleaned the site, yes I injected slowly), so I tried the next week in my glues SubQ - same thing.

I switched to Grape Seed oil from Sesame seed - still same thing.

I read on here that I could use the same needle, go 90 degrees in the upper outer quad and get IM so I tried it. It worked! It bled a little, went in easy, no pooling, no welt or rash but it bruised a little and down just above my knee cap I got a wicked deep muscle pain - Today is day 2.

What am I doing wrong??!

Most of my first shots sucked because I was shaking or I just wasn’t “use” to it. If you get red welts from sub Q, just rub the site afterwards and it should help.

When I switched to IM on my quads it was kinda painful , but It has resolved, every now and then I get a little pain.

When I first switched to quads I thought I had found the holy grail. Now afternonly a handful of injections I get the absolute worst paint right as the needle breaks the skin. It’s so strange. I’m talking like fire, tried all over the quads and now I’m back taking it in the but :man_facepalming:

New batch of needles? They might be dull.

I’m not entirely sure. I used the same needle in my glute after puss’n out on the quad and it felt normal. When I get my prescription filled I always get extra needles and syringes so I’m not sure if it was a new batch or an existing one I had on hand.

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So do I dare to try my other quad on Thursday? I’m getting so sick of the sh** but I started on cream and that didn’t do a d@mn thing other than blow a ton of money.

Are you hitting the same spot over and over?

I’ve only ever hit the right quad once so that’s not the case. I hit both butt cheeks once each subQ and got welts on each one, each love handle once - same result, and each side of navel about 4" out and got the same. Proud owner of a few welts but they are going away as the weeks go on. I want subQ to work but I’m terrified to try again

No sir. The last time I looked like a stuck pig lol. I’d have to look up the spots again to give you the muscle names but I tried it in a few of the go to spots on both legs.

I have a couple of spots on my thighs like that. Instant pain. But if I move an inch away (or sometimes even less) no trouble. If you accidentally hit the nerve at some point, you’ll have issues there for weeks. Have you tried the delts?

Tell me about delt injections. I haven’t tried it but after this pain in my leg I’m afraid that doing this to my delt would be even worse? Is it?


  1. Clean the are BEFORE you even draw. This way the alcohol has time to evaporate before you inject.
  2. RELAX the muscle!
  3. I have not had the greatest luck with EasyTouch Brand needles. Switched to Nipro and haven’t had another dull one since.
  4. Insert the needle in one smooth quick motion.
  5. Gently rub the area after injecting. Don’t rub vigorously.
  6. Inject the test slowly.

Quad - middle and slightly outside . Sit in a big chair so your entire upper leg is resting on the cushion . Put an ice pack like for a cooler on spot for 60 secs / Run hot water over syringe for 30-45 secs , wipe everything down . Use a 25 gauge 1 inch needle . Inject oil slow . Massage the spot with alcohol pad . First couple will hurt rest are almost painless , little Charlie horse feeling for 24-48 hours but nothing major .

Sub q did the same exact thing to me !!! Bruising , welts , bumps etc . Now I inject quads and delts that’s it rotating every injection which is 2 times a week , quad / quad / delt / delt … then back to original

If you’re doing subQ why are you not using insulin needles? They’re painless and you can hit pretty much anywhere with them.

Sometimes it can be really hard to get the test out of them though. I was using a 31 gauge and started back loading it to save time on filling with a drawing needle, however due to how much thicker testosterone in oil is compared to say something mixed with bacterostatic water. It take forever and a lot of pressure to actually get the full injection finished. I am hoping to alleviate this with a bigger gauge needle myself.

27 ga works fine for me. IM or sub-Q. I don’t fool with ice, or hot water, or anything else. Wipe the area, touch the tip to it and if it hurts move the tip over a little. For IM I prefer the thigh, same needle, upper middle to outer edge. I just put my foot on the toilet lid so the thigh is level and 10 seconds later I move on with life. A little light rubbing won’t hurt, and helps guys with diffusion issues. The delt isn’t much different.

You probably know this, but draw with a different needle than the one with which you shoot (back loading eliminates the need for this).

I draw with an 18 and shoot with a 28. I shoot the same as Crisler demonstrated in the video, and am sure to rub the injection site immediately to avoid the pooling of test in the fat, the welt I think you describe.

I have a hard time finding a needle in that gauge, where do you pick yours up? My doctors office only has the 31 gauge 5/16; inch insulin needles and the 1/2’ inch 25 gauge needles, any others I would need to purchase myself.

Order online, they’re cheap.

I assume you are in the US.