Problems Lifting with a Shoulder Brace?

Hello T-Nation

Would like some advice from some more seasoned lifters.

I bought a Sully Shoulder Brace a couple months ago when i decided to start lifting again.
Reason being i dislocated my right Shoulder in 2006 while tearing the Ligaments & Tendons in my left ankle.
At the time my small town Doctors were more interested in my Ankle then my Shoulder. So they doped me up and few mins later a bucket of water was in my hand while laying on the examine table Bingo Shoulder slid back in place. Since then i have had numerous dislocations, from it coming out while asleep to reaching down to pick the front of a riding mower up.

It was the last dislocation (riding mower) that made me stop and think about changing my life style and get back to working out. This was 3 months ago. In that time i have went from just doing Stretching & Bodyweight exercises (could not get a single push up) to a 5,3,1, workout all while wearing the Sully Shoulder Brace. I am now starting my 2nd week of (The Waterbury High Frequency System)-loving it atm

My question is should i be wearing the Sully Shoulder Brace while working out?
Will it restrict strength and development of muscles in the Shoulder area while wearing it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

D Machine