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Problems From Dipping Belts?

I know this must sound ridiculous, but does putting too much weight on a dipping belt lead to hemorrhoids ?

I don’t expect there to be any literature on this bizarre connection, (I’m not looking for scientific studies, of course) but I’m just trying to rule that out for now as I’m experiencing piles and I know obesity/pregnancy leads to hemorrhoids because of the strain it puts on the abdominal, I wonder if dipping belts can cause the same effect.

well man from what ive experienced NO i mean thats kinda of a weird question but if your worried about it i would research hemroids and find out what causes them and do the oppisite hahahahaha any way good luke with that

don’t worry too much about it, I didn’t read about this anywhere, I made the connection myself - I’ve been seeing some blood in my stool after I started using dipping belts (previously I used backpacks). This may be a pure coincidence, but I was just wondering if anybody had experienced the same problem as me.

I’ve been using 80+ pounds on the belt, which, suffice to say, is not comfortable.

The problem’s going away now, hemmohoids are irrtating but by no means dangerous.

I haven’t had an problems and I love dips, they are my favorite exercise. Only problems I had was with my shoulder, which wasn’t a problem, except that I tried to progress in weight too quickly. After solving my shoulder problem, no problems with dips from my end.

[quote]the_dude_2 wrote:

I’ve been using 80+ pounds on the belt, which, suffice to say, is not comfortable.


I have used as much as 160 and have not had a similar problem. But, I don’t find that weight on the belt is uncomfortable like you have.