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Problems Feeling Chest During BP

is it ok that i feel my chest burn only in the negetive part (when i lower the bar down) in the bench press???
because in the push up itself i dont feel my chest…only shoulders…


You might be a shoulder dominant bencher. Some people use more shoulder than chest, some more chest than shoulder, some get both.

Alot depends on form.

but does my chest getting stimulated enough by just getting burned in the negetive part???

Is it growing?

If so, yes. If not, no.

Burn doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Read this:


and search for a few other articles on bench press form and muscle recruitment to determine what you are doing and what should change.

Video analysis may help too. It desn’t have to be fancy, just a good shot of a few reps from straight on. No “myspace” angles.

you can try pushing the bar together when benching , you may feel it more it your chest