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Problems Dropping Weight


Im having problems dropping weight. i eat 5 times day, smart good foods. do HIIT three times a week, jog 4 times a week and weight train 5 times a week. according to my caloric intake vs. my caloric expenditure, i should have dropped at least 6 lbs in the last three weeks. problem is i have not lost two lbs yet. what am i doing wrong? should i add a thermogenic in the mix?


Thermos are not the solution, especially when in a caloric deficit already. "Smart good foods" is too vague. Give us what you eat, with numbers (in terms of Ozs and nutrients).


Do have an off day? How's your recovery looking like?


How long have you been following your progam? How many carbs do you eat in a day and what time of the day do you eat them? Is your weight training routine made up of the basic compound movements? I personally think jogging is NOT the way to go for body recomp, there are plenty of articles on using some time of resistence training as an alternative to jogging, Google. Be patient, monitor your strength levels, image in the mirror and how your clothes fit, stay off the scale.


my foods consist of egg whites, chicken, turkey, vegies, and my carbs come from wheat breads, oatmeal and pastas. i dont measure out my foods by OZs or grams, but by reasearching my foods im eating around 700 calories per meal and my dinner consist of proteins and vegies only. my recovery days are sat and sunday which is a 2 mile jog and sundays i eat what i want. ive been doing this for 3 weeks now, i feel great but im pissed at the results so far but im not throwing in the towel


you dont measure? When youre dropping weight you need to measure. You dont eyeball things, you dont estimate, you dont round. Youre obviously not at a level in which you can do that. If you want results, you have to accept the difficulties that come with it. If you think you are doing things right and NOTHING is happening, guess what, you arent.

700 calories a meal, at 5x meals a day is 3500cal. A stagnate 3500 calories doesnt sound very much like a deficit. it also doesnt help that we dont know your height/weight/bf. You mentioned your carbs (though i wouldnt say that Pasta is a fantastic source of clean carbs when dieting), what you didnt mention was an important factor with carbs, timing and amount. If youre eating 300carbs a day, 200 of which being right before you go to sleep, you're going to have problems.

Furthermore, 'Eating what you want' isnt a fantastic outlook, even if it is only 1 day. Oh sure, it works with Disney Dieting, full of a plenty of Rainbows, sunshine, and lollipops. Im prepping for a show right now, and i can see differences day to day, depending on how i eat.

Once again, you're being too vague. Either buckle down, start measuring and writing down what you eat daily, and THEN come back with some tangible information we can clean and shine up for you to use and begin to start to see results with, or settle in for the long haul, and prepare to be like the majority of the rest of the "fitness" world out there.


Lol, shit alright ill start by writing down what exactly what i eat and measuring out my food. just to clairify, im not trying to enter a contest just trying to make dallas fire-resuce. i love that disney dieting crap, way to rip me a new one. makes sense though, ill cut out that one day of eating shit foods


Measuring and Writing things down is the ONLY way to know what's going in. If you're not willing to do that 'work', then you won't get the results you want, simple as that.



Great post


Other than fruits and veggies, only eat carbs peri-workout.

Eat less.