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Problems Digesting

10 yrs of hard disciplined training have fallen apart this year. Mainly due to problems digesting foods, especially protein and fats. They feel like the rot in my body and fruits ferment. THis has left me not eating at all, and my body has turned into mush. I don?t know who to see, it seems to me problems with thyroid can effect motility, even liver problems. Some holistic doctors told me its from adrenal exhaustion and or parasites /bacteria. The thing is I dont have much money form alott of tests. All I know is my life feel over. I am frusturated every single day trying to find someone who can help me.

Do a search for ginger root.

Sounds like the problem I started having last year. Mine was diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You may have tried all this, but if you haven’t:

Try upping your fiber – I mean whole alot – and don’t be afraid to take some generic Colace, even every day for a while. Hell, even try one of those bowel prep drinks from the drug store to give your gut a fresh start. Have taken an antibiotic for anything lately? That really sets some people off. Try some yogurt and get some probiotic pills. Do some walking or jogging. Dring a lot of water. Really, really avoid fast food. All this stuff is cheap. If nothing helps, go see a Gastroenterologist.

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judd: I think Jim may be correct about IBS. But, do you have loose, mucousy and/or bloody stools? If so it may be ulcerative colitis. Certainly seeing a gastroenterologist would be in order.
Have you had any great stress or emotional upheaval recently? One thing I believe strongly in is that emotions can have a profound effect on our bodies and in particular (at least for me) the gut.
As Jim said… diet is very important. Based on my personal experience, I’ve also found glutamine to be helpful for a healthy GI tract.
Lastly you might want to check out the Life Extension Foundation website. Good info there about disease prevention and treatment protocols.

Thanks for so brilliantly summarizing my post P-Dog. Why didn’t I say that?

Sounds like you need to look into some type of fast.

Get some probiotics, preferably in food form.

Try to eat as much food raw as possible.

After a fast, get rid of ALL processed foods. Get rid of ALL dairy and ALL grains.

This would be a start.