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Problems Digesting Vegetables


A few weeks ago I tried to introduce more veggies into my diet (consisted of just frozen mixed veggies until recently). I tried adding spinach, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts because they are all delicious. Unfortunately my guts didn't like that very much at all, so I stopped adding veggies a few days ago. Digestion has now returned to normal. Romaine lettuce also give me this problem. The only green vegetables in the bag of mixed veggies are Lima beans and peas.

Is this something to be concerned about? Veggies are supposed to be so good for you but I find it hard to believe they are doing me any good when they just end up splattered.

FWIW I take psyllium seed husk morning and night.


The psyllium husks in addition to the broccoli and brussel sprouts can be causing a problem. Those are bulk forming fibers. When I eat to many brussel sprouts I get bad bloating/stomach pains.


At the risk of getting too graphic, would having psyllium + broccoli result in runs and splatter? Also, I wasn't getting bloated but did get plenty of morning gas.


What does the rest of your diet look like? Maybe you are getting alot of fiber how much spinach are you getting (insoluble fiber)? Is it only the runs or or are you sometimes constipated?


Have Crohn's or IBD?

Try cooking all of the fibrous vegetables and cut out the brussel sprouts for a while. See how that goes.


No Crohn's, no ceiliac, never diagnosed or checked for IBD but I've only recently been able to handle white bread again (nothing too wheat-y). Never constipated, just runs (sometimes splash-back level explosive) when things are bad. Soft and well formed when things are good. No spinach at the moment. Right now I'm having a lot of chicken, mayo, cheese, mustard sandwiches; chicken thigh soup with potatoes, onion, and garlic; PB&J; breakfast shake (whey, malto, cocoa, coconut oil); training shakes (whey, malto, cocoa or gatorade).

I have been just microwaving the fibrous veggies but it's possible they are not thoroughly cooked.


Also give your system some time to adjust.

Restricting intake is not the long-term solution, obviously.


Try adding a digestive enzyme that has cellulases in it. I used to be able to eat anything. As I've gotten older, one floret of brocolli, a couple green beans, or a slice of green pepper will cause all kinds of gastrointestinal distress.

Digestive enzymes helped me immensely.


Same exact problem. Can you reommend a good digestive enzyme?


I like NOW Super Enzymes........Champion makes one I use sometimes too.


Ok thanks. I also have difficulty with protein and appetite in general as the years go by. Is this a natural part of aging?


Any time you change your diet, your body goes through an adjustment phase. Alkalinity, bacteria, micro-organisms...


At 48 I can't eat near the daily calories I could at 28 or 38. I don't know if it's natural or not; but I don't like it!


Lol, I'm basically same age and I discovered same thing and also don't like it.