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Problems Climaxing on TRT


I am on week 5 of TRT at 100mgs per week and I am going back to my doctor next week to get my first blood work done since starting. I am having some sexual issues and despite my low test I have always been 100% fine in that area. I am having a hard time climaxing and for some reason I am not as interested in sex as I was before I started the TRT.

Now let me preface this part also, I just got a divorce and got back on the market a couple of months ago. I have been dating a ton of girls and hooking up with a good majority of them and I am wearing condoms for the first time in 10 years. So I dont know if its some mental from that but my libido has definitely taken a nose dive regardless. Also I have done cycles in the past (probably the reason I am on TRT now) and my drive has always been through the roof.

What does a Dr usually prescribe when something like this occurs? Would HCG help this issue? I just dont want the chicks Im hooking up with to think that there is something wrong with me by not being able to cum.


Are you taking an aromatise inhibitor such as Arimidex(Anastrozole)? Your E2 could be sky high. HCG is great, but E2 needs to be under control to get optimal results.


I am not on an AI, that might be the key. I am getting my bloodwork done on the 6th but i may go in sooner because i dont need this problem being freshly single.

The good thing is there is no ED, just an inability to climax so i can jackhammer a chick for an hour. They seem to enjoy it anyways. So pretty much any issue can be solved with an AI or HCG...right?


What is weird is when i have done full cycles in the past I have never had this issue. I just did a cycle of anavar only 50mg's ED with 150mg's of test cyp per week for 8 weeks and my sex drive was through the roof during and even after the cycle. I am wondering if its more mental too, I was in a 10 year relationship and it is freshly over. I guess my bloodwork will tell the story on that. I am going to try and go in this week and get it done early and I will post the results.


Be sure to test prolactin, E2, DHT, and thyroid. One of these will probably shed light on your issue.

FWIW, I am experiencing similar problems, but I take cialias for ED issues and I think that is the likely cause of mine.


But what is weird is I can get it up with no problems, its just like I am numb. I can get it up fine I just cant climax. I am completely wearing out the girls I am hooking up with but I cant finish and they are wondering what is going on....


My guess is it is E2 related. High or low, not sure.