Problems at work- Update

I just wanted to inform everybody who ansered my first post of the situation. This morning I came to work and I told my boss what happened, in a professional non-whiny manner. I told him I don’t have the time or the energy for these silly confrontations and that I needed to focus all my energy on selling cars and making money. My boss said you’re right, BUT he told me to consider who this guy was, and that he has a rough life and was probably frustrated on Wed. when he disrespected me and challenged me. He said that he’s 21, lives w/his girlfriend and they have a baby, another girl has filed a paternity siut against him, he got burned w/ acid last year at his house by someone he knew, his 2 best friends who also got sprayed w/acid at his house are now suing him because it happened on his property, etc.
He has asked my manager to not hire another lot tech because his life sucks and he’d rather work 60-70 hrs a week rather than be at home.
I said to myself “whatever, as long as he stays away from me.” i did not talk to or even look at his kid.
Well, guess what happened? The kid came up to me and apologized! My boss talked to him about it, and I guess he felt the need to apologize. He seemed sincere, but I will never trust him again. From now on, I’m a cold mofo to him. I won’t acknowledge his presence and only talk to him when I have to.
ANyway, I feel great, all this tension and paranoia has been lifted from my shoulders, I just got my first commission checks, I am so happy. Thanks to all my T-brothers and sisters for their support. I really appreciate it.
PS- I have made a vow to myself that if he ever starts w/ me again, I will rip into his redneck white trash ass like I have never ripped on some one before. And if he wants to go and threatens me, I will go at it with him and beat some respect into him. Then I’ll get a job down the street! Peace

You have no balls. You’re going to beat the shit out of him now that he apologized to you? His life sucks and he was probably just using you as an outlet for stress and once he had a little talk with the boss and found out that you weren’t a good outlet for his stress then he apologized and stopped. In your other post you said he was a tough kid. He’s down on his luck and if anyone would treat him kindly right now then he would probably end up being fiercely loyal to you and be willing to watch YOUR back. Just some random thoughts.

You may be right, but you’re assuming that his apology was sincere. He’s on my shitlist, and he isn’t going anywhere for a while.

If he apologized, be decent to him. It takes guts to apologize, so give him a chance. let it go, you mught find by being civil, he might be on your side we you need someone.

I concur with the others. I think it’s pretty lame after he apologized to try to get revenge. You’re no better than he was before he said he was sorry, and I’m sorry if you’re offended by this but you’re no T-Man in my book. Do the right thing here and let it go.

Hey bro… just be humble and love justice… don’t be a jerk to this guy… course you don’t have to get on your knees for him either, just be normal. If he looks like he needs your help, then help him out… don’t hold grudges they’ll screw you over in the end. Rememmber, a man who loves justice has nothing to fear.

I would not be cold to him, just frank and to the point. If a discussion is going on about something in which you have definite interest, go ahead and talk to him. As the grudge fades you feel more comfotable and sell more cars.

Hold your horses everyone! I never said I’d get revenge on him! I’m simply going to avoid interacting with him as much as possible. ANd when I do interact w him, I will be civil but cold, ie distant. That’s it, no fucking up his credit or anything like that.

Just be nice to the guy. That is something a little bit warmer than “civil but cold.” You will be a better person for it. And be glad that you aren’t in similar shoes as that poor bastard. However, if he lays a hand on you, set him straight.

It sounds like the guy needs a friend. Even his so-called friends are suing him for being burned with acid on his property instead of going after the guys who threw the acid. I feel pity for the guy. His life is depressing, even by country song standards. I would be nice to him, since he had the guts to apologize.

What everyone else said. Be a mench.

Char – I’ve only ever heard one other person use that term in my life. Straight up! Good call.

Dude - wtf? Are you a complete wuss? Some acid-burned-face dwarf throws down your gear and you run to the nearest computer to write about it on the forum…THEN…you find out he’s basically screwed so now you’re tough enough to pile on and act all hard. Lame. Act like a man, accept his apology and be human.