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Problems After 5 Wks of Deca w/ Test Base


Hey guys, i have a fren who was on deca for 5th week from now, he's having a side effects as he told me he's testical has shrank and ejaculate his cum was watery when he had sex with his girlfrend, plus he claim his penis couldn't erect man... from he's explaination he does it as and when without a TEST base man !!! OMG, he's NUTS !!! wat do u guys suggest to reverse back his natural hormone production??


Due to its long ester deconate, it has a half-life of about 3 weeks. As such, it really takes 5-6 weeks to build up in your system which according to you is when these symptoms became noticeable. Deca dick comes from deca's shutting down your own natural test production, combined with no external test.

Bit silly really to be running Deca with no Test base. To fix it either cease his cycle and wait the 3-4 weeks for it to clear, or add some test base to provide some test. to your system... did your friend do Zero research "Deca Dick" is widely known.


Not really - while this is certainly true - the problem is most commonly attributed to the fact it is a progestin and how that affects sex hormones other than DHT.

For example, many find libido loss or 'Deca-dick' a problem even when running a Test base - which should never be a problem if it were purely a matter of DHT. In fact a mere 100mg of Test E or inclusion of HCG would cure the issue if it were this. It doesn't.
Not only that but IME even after suppression seems to be lifted (energy, strength, mood, gains) after an aggressive and lengthy PCT, libido can still be very low or even non-existent (which is problematic as libido is often the number 1 symptom which people look to to assess their level of inhibition) - again due to the hormones Nandrolone increases.



New side effect of Deca w/o test : Illiteracy

Stop injecting the Deca. Read about prolactin, how it's affected by dopamine and cabergoline and read about DHT and how it affects libido.


I see not that i was ever a fan, but even more reasons not to use it.

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