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Problems Accessing a Site With a Mac?


I am trying to access a website on my Mac Book. I don't think the website supports mac computers because I have tried to access the with safari and firefox browsers and I still run to the same issue of it not loading. The site runs fine with a PC. Problem is I don't have access to a PC. Is there anyway I can access this site with my mac book?


Google Virtual Box from Sun Microsystems. It is free. Lets you run a virtual machine on your Mac. Once installed, Google free Windows 7. Microsoft will let you download a free, fully functional copy of Windows 7 that will work for a year. Load and run Windows 7 in your Virtual Box virtual machine. Once up and going, you have the latest version of Explorer. You can view any site now.


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If this is unclear, as I am sure it is, just do some more Googleing. There are a few videos on CNET on how to do this. Also on Youtube.
Have fun. You now have the best of both worlds. Also, you may become a Windows fan again. The new version seems very well done.


If you're using FireFox, install User Agent switcher, then pretend you're using IE. The sirte will probably work fine.



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That's odd. I've been accessing this site on my Macbook Pro since last year, with no issues whatsoever. Have you tried reinstalling your web browser? What comes up on the screen when you try to access this site?


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