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I have a 20mL bottle of Winstrol and I am having trouble drawing it into my syringe. Nothing will come out no matter what I try. It seems that there is a huge air lock or something. I have used other Winstrol before but have had nothing liek this happen as it drew fine.

Can you help me?

this may qualify as the lamest question ever, but ill answer it anyway.

if there is too much pressure in the vial, simply stick a needle in the vial without the barrel and plunger on it. this will allow the air to escape.

another and more likely possibility is that you need to use a larger draw needle. winstrol tends to jam up small needles.

Good pt. P-dog. Also from now on always inject the amount in air into the multi-dose vial that you are planning on drawing out. This will help to even out the pressure.

Sometimes heating the needle up a little may help when drawing V, but then again, if the gauge is too small, its just too small.

Problem solved now. Its all good.