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Problem with Weight Jumps. No 5-Pound Plates

I am already in the second week of the first cycle of the Triumvirate. The problem is that in the Gym there are no weights of 2.5 kg / 5 lb /. This is a serious problem because I will have to do BP and OHP jumps of 5 kg each. / 10lb / every month. I have made a scheme to lift the weight by 5 kg / 10 lb / after 2 cycles, not every cycle. The other solution is to buy weights and carry them, which is stupid. But if that’s the solution, I’ll do it.
From all that has been said so far, my question is whether it would be good to lift the weight in 2 cycles. I guess it won’t be a problem in the beginning, but then it will be hard for me.
I would be very happy if Mr Wendler gave advice too.

If toting your own change plates is a solution, then it’s not stupid. A guy at our gym was doing Madcow and had his own incrementals. No one stronger than him seemed to worry about it.

The silly thing is that it is possible for someone to think that he is stealing the weights when the time comes for me to go and put them in my sports bag. I will not be arrested, because if a problem arises, it will be clarified, but an unpleasant situation arises. Many of the people and fitness instructors out there are brutally inadequate. And the Gym is one of the most sleek and expensive retail chains in my country - it has rooms for boxing, MMA, spa, pool and much more. All kinds of modern machines and equipment, but there are no weights of 5 lb :joy:
I will think about what decision to make.

If there are no 5lb plates then no one will think you’re stealing the 5lb plates…

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There is only one pair that stands in the power section with the bars and dumbbells, but I can’t always find it or anyone is using it.
Otherwise, I know, it’s not a problem, but in this gym there are many separate parts for training. Most people do not go to strength training at all, but train on machines in other parts of the gym. They don’t even know what weights are where I train. Obviously the staff knows and won’t make a problem for me, but I don’t like many of the people in the locker room watching me put my weights in my sports bag.
For the above reasons, I asked if I could lift the weight for BP and OHP after two cycles and not after one.

Who gives a shit what others think. Bring 'em or don’t. You’re overthinking this.

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Basically, I don’t care, but speak this way because you are not familiar with the details. I am a public figure with a serious and responsible profession and I cannot afford even minimal doubts in one person that I am doing something wrong.
Maybe I shouldn’t have been so detailed, although I didn’t ask the question for no reason, which was obviously a mistake on my part. I just had to ask if I could lift 10 lbs after two cycles or not.

If it’s the only answer that’s implementable for you, then it’s the answer, no?

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I clearly understood :sunglasses:

Since I’m not very strong, I thought I would be able to do it for at least 4-6 cycles. The increase for this period will be about 30 lbs. I don’t think it’s a big step forward for weaklings like me. Because I have been training for 4-5 years, but the weights I lift correspond to the beginner level, but I still can’t progress from week to week. After all, I am 48 years old and I think 5/3/1 is the perfect program for me.
Thanks for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

If this is such a well appointed gym, they should buy a bunch of plates when you point out how silly it is that they don’t have them.

That’s the best solution since then everyone can use them.

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Another thing you can do is this - put a 5kg plate on only one end of the bar, and then when you lift, hold it off center a little bit so it is still balanced. That is the same a using two 2.5kg plates. It works perfectly fine thought it may look a little odd.

I do it all the time with dumbbells when I want to advance by smaller increments, and have used it with barbells when the fractional plates went missing (someone was stealing them.)

Put your name on the plates.


That’s so crazy it just might work

Ive had a similar situation like you mention with the gym not having certain plates. My gym didn’t have 2.5lbs plates or they had one set. I went to a used sports store and bought my own. No one ever said anything to me. Ive brought my own bands in to use when I lifted and never had an issue. I wouldn’t overthink it, if you need to purchase your own weights to proceeded and its a small amount like 5lbs weights then I would do it. I did it.

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Is this the bit where we get the video of Derek Poundstone bringing a whole log to the gym?

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If that much is riding on it go to a gym which has them or use something that is clearly not a weight plate like a gear cog or buy custom plates that have your name printed on them

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The #WEIGHTGATE Scandal will be your undoing!

By the way, nobody in the world is free from minimal doubts in at least one person that they are doing something wrong.

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You could use 2.5lb wrist wrist weights (I’ve sometimes done that with db work or for strip-sets for finishers on certain movements etc…weight is weight at the end of the day or chains if that’s cheap where you live).

Also, some collars weight pretty much 2.5lbs (though, that would likely be a bit of a pricy option unless you bought them second hand).

I will buy weights because obviously there is no other way. Maybe I’m exaggerating the problem too. Progress in strength is more important than any mental discomfort. But the question of whether to carry my weights was secondary, and the subject grew. The main thing was whether I could raise 10 lbs for BP and OHP even after two cycles but I received the answer that I could not. And for this reason I will look for the solution. For example, I wear personal belts, one of which is even for a professional powerlifting.They don’t have any there and I wasn’t worried. I can barely squat with a barbell that is equal to my own weight, but I have a belt. BP and the rows with a lever are heavier than I can squat :joy: But that’s another topic.

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I has a similar concern when I was going to a public gym. I bought a pair of bright green 2.5 lb plates from Amazon (all the plates at my public gym are black) and brought them with me to the gym for just that reason.