Problem with Superdrol - Gyno

My buddy was raving about superdrol like six months ago and I would usually never touch a ph but I couldnt get any orals for reasons I went into in a previous post , i ran it for 4 weeks and saw minimal results but the problem is I am now starting to have a gyno flare up. I never get gyno from anything and now months after the super im gettin big nips. I would have blamed it on the test im on now but the fact that I never get gyno from test and the fact that alot of people on the boards say that delayed gyno is a side of super leeds me the think it was the super.

does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get rid of this. I have never used A,I’s before so I really am frustrated , please help.

Run 40mgs of nolvadex till the symptoms go away.

One may think that perhaps you would of looked into both AIs and serms prior to your test cycle that was coupled with something thats known to give gyno.

So my suggestion is to potentially get a clue next time. This may sound a bit harsh, however if you happened to spend a bit of time researching these products that you have put into your body all of this would of been totally avoided.

You’re frustrated because you gyno while not using an AI?? lol

How is it you saw minimal gains? Everyone I’ve ever met who’d taken it has sworn great gains everytime.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
You’re frustrated because you gyno while not using an AI?? lol[/quote]

thats like getting mad because you put your hand over an open flame!

[quote]rsg wrote:
How is it you saw minimal gains? Everyone I’ve ever met who’d taken it has sworn great gains everytime.[/quote]

I’ve done 2 SD cycles a while back. First one kicked ass. The second one did nothing for me, but along with it I also had minimal sides (unlike with the first one - back cramps were killing me). Never had any gyno problems with either, but I had the nolva on hand, just in case.

Same bathc of SD, but the second one was 6 - 12 months later (I forget the timing), so maybe it was inactive by then?

Superdrol is crap like all PH and designer steroids. Nobody really knows the effects of the chemicals that are in this shit…Better off going with tried and true AAS. At least you know exactly what you are putting into your body and how to combat the sides depending on the drug you choose.

I agree with that now, but to someone who is concerned about legal issues or has no sources for the good stuff, PH can be undeniably attractive. Especially if you’re young and invincible still…

I wouldn’t change having done it, otherwise I wouldn’t know any better now.

strenght went up and I saw some wet gains but nothing big, I do reasearch everything I do but as I said I never had isues with gyno and never neede ais.

getting ready to start my first cycle of superdrol. lost my connect so im switching to a ph hopefully i wont be disappointed.

So you bring up a thread thats a month old to let us know. Thanks for coming out.

Hopefully you at least learned something from this thread prior to starting your crappy pro hormone cycle.

Do tha bumpty bump…

ouch rough, wasnt paying attention. skeptical of pro hormones but lost my connect so im trying it out.