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Problem With Squats

Hey guys I have a problem with my squats. When I lay the bar on my upper traps to do a squat, my traps will cramp up, and when I do get the bar on without cramping I am ussually uncomfortable and have to try to get it right again. Any thing that can help fix this?

Do your traps cramp up when you do shrugs?

One option is switch over to different squat variations, like front squats and zercher squats. Unless your planning on competing in PLing, you could do just fine doing those two and skipping the back squats and if they are causing too much discomfort.

no mike, when I do shrugs my traps are just fine.

Maybe your hands are too close together. Try widening your grip on the bar.

Or it could just be a motor learning thing that will get better with practice…

Lower the bar from a High bar to a more low bar position, grab the hell out of the bar get that upper back tight as shit try and bend the bar around you. That and work your upper back a lot the lats rear delts etc get something for the bar to rest on’


Thanks for the help guys, my problem was that my grip was way to close. I made my grip the whole length of the bar and no more cramps or troubles at all. thanks :]