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Problem with Sleep Supps


hi all, i have been trying all kinds of supps to help me get better sleep. I've tried zma, magnesium, taurine, theanine, 5htp, valerien root and they all have the same results, they keep me awake for most of the night.

I went to the docs about a year ago and he put me on sleeping tabs which worked ok for a few days, then i had to up the dose and when i stopped taking them i had crap sleep for a few days after. Anybody else have similar experience, or maybe tried something different to help them sleep. Thanks.


if i were you i would give advocare a try. i think they have 3 sleep products. i use the nighttime recovery and it works great for me and i usually don't respond very well to supplements.

have you ever tried melatonin?


I like melatonin. You need to try different brands though so buy the small bottles. I went through three brands before I found one that puts me to sleep without making me groggy in the AM.

Kind of a cool page on it if you have time to kill:




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Drugs are usually band aid solution.


never tried melatonin, over here you can get it on pescription so are they like sleeping tabs. Never heard of advocare i must look it up. Thanks.


I've tried all the natural stuff. None of it works for me...in fact 5-HTP seems to keep me awake.

Zopiclone 7.5 mg. Pop a pill, 30 minutes later you're out. No crazy dreams, no night terrors, and you wake up completely refreshed.

Great for international flights as well!


nice thanks.


which one? I'm using Jarrow Formulas. It seems the ones with B6 are the best.


Melatonin has personally been good to me for a good nights sleep. I've never slept better once I began taking it.

As an alternative, have read of some finding better sleep once they eliminated wheat and sugary foods from their diet. One more example of this that I read this morning.

"You mean weight loss is hazardous to your health?"


GABA always kept me wide awake at night despite its claims for better sleep